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Every Good and Perfect Gift

Script rating: 5Illustrating James 1:17, this skit shows how God reaches out to people and shows them His love, even before they know Him or acknowledge Him as God. Susan starts her day, and God sends her gift after gift, showing His love for Him, and ultimately leading her into a friendship with another girl who is already a Christian.
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Cast: Narrator, God, Susan, Angel 1, Guardian Angel, Susan’s Mom, Zoe

Props: Gifts (at least 4), Envelope (1 or 2), lunch-fixings, a lunch bag, a note in the shape of a heart, backpack

Narrator: “Once upon a time … no, wait, that is not right. ALWAYS upon ALL time, there was the one and only Almighty God, Creator of Heaven and Earth.”

God: [Walks up center aisle, turns toward kids.] “Well, it is true. I have always been. I am Eternal.” [Walks to stairs, goes on stage, takes seat at table.]

Narrator: “Because He loved people, He created them, and watched over them, and gave them many wonderful gifts. One of the people He loved was named Susan.”

Susan: [Enters from doorway at stage-left.] “Dum, di dum dum dum. I wonder what today will be like?” [Moves in front of center-stage and sits on edge of stage.]

Narrator: “As He often did, God assigned one of his Angels to be a special, guardian angel for Susan. [Guardian Angel comes out and stands near Susan.] This Angel’s job was to protect Susan from harm and to deliver messages from God. Because He loved Susan a lot, God sent Susan many messages and gifts.”

God: “What can we do to show Susan I love her, today? I know, I’ll send her a present. Angel! [Snaps fingers.]

Angel 1: “Yes, your Majesty?”

God: “Deliver this gift to Susan’s guardian Angel, please.” [Hands present to Angel 1.]

Angel 1: “Yes, my Lord.” [Rushes off with gift, hands it to Susan’s angel.]

Guardian Angel: “Oh, a present from God, for Susan! I wonder what it is?” [Opens present.] “Oh, it is a day full of sunshine and blue skies! Susan will like that.” [Angel whispers in Susan’s ear and points to the sky.]

Susan: “Oh! I didn’t notice, but now that I look out the window, I see that the sky is deep blue, and the sun is brightly shining with a happy golden light, and the whole world looks fresh and new! The trees and grass are beautifully green, and all the colors are awesome. For some reason, this makes my heart happy!”

Angel 1: “It appears that Susan really liked your present, sir.”

God: “I knew she would enjoy it – I designed her eyes and her mind so that she could appreciate it. Let’s see, what gift shall I send to Susan, next? How ‘bout … THIS one. [He selects a gift, and hands it to Angel 1.] Deliver this to Susan, quickly!”

Angel 1: “Sir, yes Sir!” [Grabs present and rushes off, bringing it to Guardian Angel.]

Guardian Angel: “Another present, already? God must really love Susan. I wonder what it is? [Opens present.] Oh, how perfect. She will love it.” [Guardian Angel walks over to Susan’s Mom, whispers to her, so that she stands up and starts to make a lunch for Susan at a table at stage-left. ]

Susan: “Well, I guess I need to get ready for school. I can hardly stop looking out the window, though – this day is so beautiful!” [Susan goes to her room to get her school stuff.]

God: “OK, this next present needs to be delivered at just the right time. Tell Susan’s Angel to hold it until the timestamp matches his watch.” [Hands an envelope to Angel 1.]

Angel 1: “Right away, sir!” [Rushes off to Guardian Angel, whispers to her.]

Guardian Angel: “Another gift? Oh, I see, this one is time-stamped. [Check’s watch.] Let’s see, that is pretty soon. I’ll watch the time carefully!”

Susan: “I’m off to school, Mom! Have a good day!” [Susan comes out to center-stage with a school backpack.]

Susan’s Mom: “Wait, dear! I made you a lunch!”

Guardian Angel: “7:38:31, 7:38:32 … and NOW!” [Opens envelope.] “A thankful spirit? I can easily deliver that!” [Whispers in Susan’s ear.]

Susan: “Wow! Suddenly I feel very thankful … it is as if I remembered all the kindnesses that my Mom has done for me over the years. How nice of her to make me a lunch – I should show her that I am thankful.” [Walks over to Mom, who hands her a lunch.] “Thank you, Mom, for getting up early and making me a lunch. I really like it when I don’t have to buy a lunch – it makes me feel special and loved.” [Susan hugs Mom, then heads off toward stage-right, while Mom exits.]

Angel 1: “Once again, she liked your gifts. She doesn’t really know that the lunch was from you, but the thankful spirit helped her in her relationship with her Mom, so that she didn’t just grab the lunch and run.”

God: “Yes, my gifts often splash over onto other people. I like it that way. Now, let’s see, Susan will be walking to school … I will send her a new friend to walk with her.” [Hands gift to Angel 1.] “Have Susan’s Angel deliver this to Zoe, right away!”

Angel 1: “On my way, your Majesty!” [Runs to Guardian Angel, delivers present.]

Guardian Angel: “Oh, this is for Zoe, but it must also be for Susan. I’ll deliver it right away!” [Rushes off to stage-left, re-enters with Zoe, opening present.] “Oh, I see it is a gift of a good friend. God must want Zoe to become friends with Susan.”

Zoe: “Susan, wait up!”

Susan: “What? Oh, it is you, Zoe! Come on, hurry, we’ll be late!”

Zoe: [Runs to catch up.] “I didn’t know you lived near here … this is how I usually walk to school! Where, exactly, do you live?”

Susan: “Oh, I live just a block down that way, on Elm.”

Zoe: “Really? I’m just a block that way, near the corner of Fourth and Main.”

Susan: “We’re practically neighbors! Maybe we could walk to school together every day!”

Zoe: “I would like that. I could use a friend … we just moved to this area, and I’ve been kind of lonely.”

Susan: “Well, not anymore. You stick with me – I could use a good friend, too.” [The two girls exit, stage-right.]

Narrator: “And so, the day went on, and all day long, God kept sending presents to Susan. When she had a hard time in Math, God sent her a clear mind and a patient heart, so that she could learn the Math she needed. When Susan was asked to work a problem on the board, and she got it wrong, God gave her a sense of humor so she could laugh at her own mistake, without being embarrassed. Finally, it was time for lunch.”

Susan: [Re-enters stage-right, with Zoe.] “Wow, I’m hungry. I wonder what my Mom packed for me, in my lunch?”

Zoe: “Let’s eat at this bench, here, outside. It is too beautiful of a day to eat indoors.” [The two of them sit on the bench and start eating their lunches. Zoe silently folds her hands and prays before she eats, but Susan just digs in.]

God: “About now, she should be receiving one of my presents. Tell her Angel to make sure she checks the bottom of her lunch bag.”

Angel 1: “Right away, your Majesty!” [Rushes off to whisper in Guardian Angel’s ear, who whispers in Susan’s ear.]

Susan: “Mmmm, I just love a good turkey sandwich. And my Mom packed my favorite snack, too.” [Looks in bag.] “What’s this? Looks like a note!” [Opens note, reads.] “Dear Susan – I hope you are having a great day. I packed an extra couple of chocolate-chip cookies, for you to share with a friend. I love you, Mom.”

Zoe: “Ahem. If only you had a friend … “

Susan: “That crazy Mom. How did she know I would meet you?” [Shares a cookie with Zoe.]

God: “OK, it is time for me to send the best gift of all. I want Susan to know about Me, so that one day soon, we can be friends.”

Angel 1: “How will you do that? Will you speak to her out loud? Will you write a message for her in the sky?”

God: “No, I think I will do it more simply. Send this message to Susan’s Angel.”

Angel 1: “On my way, Sir!” [Rushes to hand envelope to Guardian Angel.]

Guardian Angel: “Another message? Oh, I see, this one is for me. [Opens message, reads.] Oh, that will be easy – Susan is very curious!” [Whispers to Susan.]

Susan: “Say, Zoe, I noticed that before you ate your lunch, you folded your hands and you closed your eyes. Your lips were moving, as if you were saying something, but I didn’t hear anything. What were you doing?”

Zoe: “Oh, I was praying to God. I pray to Him a lot, but especially whenever I eat, I like to thank Him for my food. It reminds me that I depend on Him for everything.”

Susan: “Which God do you mean? People seem to have a lot of religions … “

Zoe: “Oh, there is only one real God – the Creator of everything. It is actually a bit more complicated, because God is three people, yet they are all one. There is: God the Father, God the Holy Spirit, and Jesus, the Son of God.”

Susan: “I’ve heard of Jesus. Is that the God of the Bible?”

Zoe: “That’s right. I learn a lot about Him at my church, and also through reading the Bible, which is sort of like God’s love-letter to people.”

Susan: “What kind of people? Does God love me?”

Zoe: “You bet He does! He spends all of His time loving all kinds of people, even people like you and me. I expect that He has sent you hundreds of gifts and messages already, to tell you that He loves you.”

Susan: “I would like to know more about this. Do you think I could come to your church?”

Zoe: “Sure, we have a special program on Wednesday nights that you would enjoy – it is called AWANA. [Listens.] Uh-oh, there’s the bell – we’d better get back to class. I’ll tell you all about AWANA on the way home from school today. Come on, we’ll be late!” [Girls exit, stage-right.]

Narrator: “And so, the girls went back to class, but Susan’s heart was already turning toward God.”

God: “And they lived happily ever after, for ever and ever, with Me.”

Narrator: “The End.”

Narrator: “Oh, wait, I’m supposed to read this verse: “

James 1: 17 – Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

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