More Pictures of the Lakewood House

Kathy is in Texas, and wanted to show off a few more pictures of the house we are renting. Since I’m just lolling around the house eating meatloaf (Rachel says it is the best meatloaf ever, thank you, Kathy!), I don’t mind posting a few more. Sorry to those of you who are bored with it.

Rental houses 005.jpg
The stairs & entry-way

Rental houses 006.jpg
The living room, just to the right as you enter the house.

Rental houses 007.jpg
More of the living room, looking toward the back of the house.

Rental houses 010.jpg
The den — a dark sort of room at the back of the house, behind the kitchen, with a fireplace & half-bathroom.

There is a three-car garage and a hot tub, which sweeten the deal a little. This house is $100/month more than a comparable house in the area, but the yard makes a big difference (the other house had only about 1/3 of the yard space).

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