P365 – Day 130 (Sunshine and a New Friend)

The sun has been shining like crazy the last few days. It’s wonderful. It’s heavenly. It’s probably short lived but still, I LOVE IT!! Today the children and I were invited to go over for an afternoon play date. When your children leave the toddler stage are you still allowed to call visits ‘play dates?’ Is there a more mature, sophisticated term out there I’m missing?

daniel and sarah

At the Women’s Retreat last month I connected with a wonderful homeschooling mom. When we returned home we made plans to get our children together (testing compatibility) and have a play date. It was a perfect day for visiting a (new) friend. The sun was high, the sky deep blue with nary a cloud in sight, and the kids eager for a break from school.

david climbs

The afternoon was a success! The children had a great time playing together. We spent a long time exploring their back yard (complete with chickens!) and then took off for some time at the nearby park. The only wrinkle in the fun was Joshua. He was a little bored with our play time. Heather’s oldest son is turning 12 this month. He and Daniel got along fabulously. Rachel and Heather’s daughter were quite the pair.


All in all it was a fun afternoon and I hope we didn’t wear out our welcome. Thank you, Michelle, for bringing Heather to the Women’s Retreat and sharing her with us. Thank you, Heather, for the very lovely visit.


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5 thoughts on “P365 – Day 130 (Sunshine and a New Friend)”

  1. You could call it social enrichment for the older children, fellowship for you ladies, and relational interaction for anyone in between. :)

    Thanks for the chat this morning Kathy. It was not a easy as normal with our technical difficulties, but I needed to chat for a while with you. What a wonderful friend you are!

  2. I love the way you reach out to others, dear Katherine. You are a special person- and an amazing friend! AK

  3. As far as I’ve heard they’re called playdates for a very long time…. probably until the kids are able to make their own plans and say they want to go “hang out”? You probably better ask someone more experienced than I. I’m *not* very good at arranging play dates for my kids.. too far out in the country, too many things to do when we go to town, etc.

  4. I had a great time!! We went to the park, and played with the playground equipment. There was a lot of hills around the park so we rolled down the hills running into each other, and pushing each other down. Thanks for having us over, I hope we can do it again.

  5. Yes, we have ‘hanging out’ here too, or just coming over for lunch, dinner etc.

    PS When are you going to do a blog entry on your wonderfully supportive ‘Aunt Kate’? {g}
    And can I have one?

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