Addicted to Blogging?

Last night Tim and I went to a meeting at church. We met upstairs in the middle school room where we spread out in comfy couches and overstuffed chairs. That’s the way to run a meeting – recliners and couches and plenty of chocolate.

The couple coordinating the meeting looked so dear sitting together, I just had to take a picture. Someone laughed and wondered aloud why I was taking a picture in the middle of our meeting. Come on, the meeting hadn’t even started yet. Before I could say anything the subject of my photography spoke up quickly and said, “She has to, she’s doing that Project 365 thing and she has to blog every day.”

randy and beckie

See how Beckie is poised to defend me.

Whoa! I guess that is how things get distorted. I am indeed committed to taking a picture every day as part of Project 365 but I never said I was going to blog every day. That implies a high level of creativity and some sort of original thought being generated daily. Not to mention the time involved in such a commitment.

It seems easy, however, even reasonable, to take a picture every day. My goodness, with five children, there is always something going on which is photo-worthy.

david, adam and daniel

For example, someone has to capture this moment of Daniel and David with Adam, enjoying some birthday Jello & whip cream (a bit heavy on the whip cream but hey, he’s the birthday boy).

I never, however, said I was going to blog every day. The fact that it has morphed into something so regular is beyond me. A mystery. The first one was free.

These thoughts were racing through my mind as I slipped the camera away in my purse. Did anyone really want to hear my thoughts on photography and blogging and my prayers for how God can use this blog for His glory? Suddenly another woman turned to me and said, “Oh, that’s right. I heard you were Addicted to Blogging.”

Addicted to Blogging???
Hey, last I checked blogging was legal in all 50 states.
Plus, I can quit any time I want.

elise and sarah

Sarah is sleeping over at Elise’s house tonight. Would these moments be captured if I weren’t blogging? I shudder to contemplate such a thing.

Just when I was beginning to feel a wee bit defensive, the woman asked for the address to the blog. “I want to check it out,” she smiled. It’s hard to be upset with that type of response. I can forgive a lot for a potential reader.

Do they make blogging business cards with your blog address on it? Wouldn’t that be just the thing to have on hand for these kinds of moments.

“Hi, my name’s Kathy. I blog, do you? Here’s my card. Leave a comment.” Snap. Wink.

Then again maybe a visit to Blogger’s Anonymous wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Anyone have the number? Do they have a blog?

Kathy (Blogging Addict)
Project 365 – Days 218 & 219

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11 thoughts on “Addicted to Blogging?”

  1. I sure hope you don’t blame me (since I suggested the SHS ring for P365) for your addiction!! (LOL)!

    And, btw, in case you didn’t know this yet. You can *NOT* quit blogging now you know. You’ve developed too much of a following to stop now. We would all suffer if you quit and who knows what that would do to some of us!

  2. Please Kathy, this is one addiction I would be so sad to see you overcome. I have a few daily “favorite” blogs and yours is one of them.

    Okay…so does that make me a blog reader addict?!!

  3. LOL – I’m right there with you. I used to think I could quit blogging at any time…but two years into the blog….Mike BOUGHT a lap top before our month long trip because he KNEW I’d need to blog and it was simpler to have a lap top than to park the trailer outside of public libraries all the way to AK. ::snort::

    Truthfully – my FAMILY loves the blog – we’ve never had a journal and this is cool….but I only committed to once a week and I, like you, stand back and wonder HOW did this all happen????

  4. I think your blog is great! Don’t stop. I check in here each day for new pictures and I enjoy looking. Your blog is towards the top of my list of blogs I check so it gets checked mostly first.

  5. Don’t fear, fellow internet buddies, this is one addiction I’d rather stick to. I’m with De’Etta and her husband, have lap top and wireless modem – will travel. Living in the land of dial-up while on vacation this summer was painful enough. I’m not looking for stress of that kind again.

    I figure the children can clean the house and do laundry, I’ll stick to blogging.

  6. De’Etta – you are welcome to visit our church any time. I’m afraid it’s only for very special meetings that they pull out the chocolate and let us gather together on couches. Most of the time we sit in folding chairs around tables, with nary a piece of chocolate in sight. Tis a sad, sad thing. :)

  7. Brandy – thanks for coming by! I didn’t know you were reading the blog. I just checked out your site. So nice to “meet” a fellow blogger.

  8. I am glad you are a blog addict. You and Tim have a great sense of humor and a fun family. I love blogging and will probably be an addict once the little one is bigger. Right now, I go in spurts.LOL

  9. Lisa – I think I’ve just given up sleep for blogging. Hmmm. Not sure it’s a fair exchange but it is amusing. Ha! I can’t seem to get to bed before 1 am when I’m blogging. During the summer I can get away with it but when the Fall comes, um, I’m not sure this little schedule of mine is going to fly.

  10. It will be a year in October since I began blogging. I can’t believe I am still blogging after this amount of time but I do not journal and never have … so this is my way of journaling. Also, my family is so thankful for the blogging . . they all live so far away and this makes them feel a part of our day to day life.

    I LOVE your blog Kathy . . and if you ever quit I would just have to head to WA and physically sit you down at the computer and demand you to blog LOL Just kidding . . . .but really . . .I love your blog! I might take me a week or two to get back to it . . .because we have been so busy . . but when I do make it back it is a joy to read!

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