Some Pie with Your Ice Cream?

When Tim and I lived in Michigan, nearly 10 years ago, we often celebrated events with my parents over a TCBY frozen yogurt pie. It split in four ways very nicely, I’m a bit embarrassed to recount, and quickly became a favorite treat. Since it was “frozen yogurt,” and everyone knows yogurt is “healthy,” we had no trouble convincing ourselves a quarter of a pie was an acceptable portion size.

rachel's big mouth

Some children think they can eat the ENTIRE pie themselves.

However, it didn’t take my frugal husband long to calculate the cost per forkful and realize TCBY was making a hefty profit on our festivities.

“I can make an ice cream pie as good as any old frozen yogurt stand,” Tim boasted.

Not being ones to stand in the way of ambition and enterprise, we heartily encouraged Tim to head to straight to the store, offering ourselves as willing victims of his culinary creations. Those were mighty fine, if fattening, days and I must say, we’ve never looked back. Tim has become the ice cream pie expert of the family.

Be sure to leave us a comment regarding your favorite ice cream pie ingredients (see last paragraph).

lets make a pie

Breyer’s Fried Ice Cream – delectable!

Today he decided to make two pies, no doubt inspired by the clean pantry and the two pie crusts he discovered on the back shelves.

Ingredients for Two Pies

Oreo Pie Crust
Chocolate Graham Cracker Crust
(Our crew strongly prefers the Oreo crust, but they are occasionally difficult to find. The Keebler chocolate crust offers a more subtle chocolate flavor for those not seeking chocolate overload.)
3/4ths container of ice cream per pie
Chocolate Syrup
Assorted chocolates — Reeses Cups and Andes Mints are both delicious. We have found some chocolates are too hard when used in a frozen pie (M&M’s, Snickers, etc).
Chocolate Magic Shell (this is a new addition to the recipe)
Whip Cream (optional but makes the pies so pretty)
Sprinkles (crucial if you are working with children)

ice cream pie in the making

Let ice cream soften.
Apply thin coat of chocolate syrup to the bottom of the pie crust.
Yum. Begin chocolate overload.
Scoop ice cream into pie shell.
Chop chocolates into small pieces and sprinkle liberally over ice cream.
Drizzle chocolate syrup atop ice cream and candy
Repeat another layer of ice cream.
Finish with some combination of Magic Shell, Reddi-Whip and Sprinkles.
Return to freezer until ready to serve.
Dive in, forks in hand.


Sarah is ready with the sprinkles.

it's a family affair

How many Duckabush Bloggers does is take to make ice cream pies?

this is goodyum

Joshua cleaned the garage in exchange for the largest slice of pie. Was it worth it, Joshua??

I think we might have some future ice cream pie bakers in the family. It’s important to pass these meaningful skills down through the generations.

If you were making an ice cream pie (or rather, having Tim and the children prepare a pie FOR you) what type of ice cream and candy fillings would you want? Or maybe you’re a caramel fan and would eschew the chocolate syrup altogether. Let us know! We’re always on the look out for new ideas.

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21 thoughts on “Some Pie with Your Ice Cream?”

  1. I am a bit more curious about the flavor of ice cream that I saw in the pictures. Fried Ice Cream? Sort of like the dessert you can get at some Mexican Restaurants? Sounds lovely. I am sure that if I made a ice cream pie, it would need to include at least some chocolate chip cookie dough, as it is Greg’s favorite flavor. And, if I could find some, some chopped up Reeses Pieces. We all love chocolate and peanut butter. And not to add anything healthy to it, maybe some banana and berry pieces too. MMM, maybe I do need to make one. Our year anniversay is Thursday and everyone is hoping for a special treat. Good thing shopping day is tommorrow, I will have to look around and see what kinds of goodies I can find for our ice pie and report back.

  2. Nuts. Nuts in the ice cream and nuts on top! That would be one of my requests. I love nuts in things- most specifically- pecans. Also chocolate- of course.

    I’d forgotten Tim was the ice cream pie man. UMMM. Yummy. Thanks for directions- I’d like to make one, but Uncle Jerry and I are making a HUGE effort to get off sugar. Oh, dear.

    Love you kids. Aunt kate

  3. I can feel my pancreas and arteries screaming in agony just to read this! Think you could send us some of that there Fried Ice Cream? Sounds really good!

  4. Hmmmm….I am all for the Baskin and Robbins chocolate/peanut butter ice cream – yumm-o!! Have you tried a choc/pb combo yet?

    So do you glop it all in the crust, mix it together and then let it sit in the freezer? For how long?

    It looks very tasty and thoroughly enjoyed!!!

  5. Yes, the Breyers Fried Ice Cream is a new flavor I just found in the store the other day — reminiscent of Chi Chi’s Mexican Restaurant dessert (I understand they went out of business in 2004).

    I generally stick with vanilla and then add in the candy and other flavorings, but I am thinking of doing a mint-chocolate-chip version (as I have in the past). I’ll bet a peppermint candy pie would have some visual appeal as well, although I tend to use so much chocolate syrup that all my pies end up looking rather muddy.

    The pies need to freeze for at least a couple of hours, especially if you get the ice cream very soft in the making of the pie. If you cut the pie while it is still inside the aluminum pan, be careful to use a cutting board, and be aware you may puncture the pan. There is nothing quite so embarrassing to an ice cream pie chef as having the pie ooze all over the table.

    A word of warning: these pies tend to be very rich, and you may want to cut the pieces a bit smaller than you might think. I certainly felt the effects of the 1/8 pie slice I had last night, too close to bedtime. :)

  6. I’d definitely have to go with black cherry ice cream. I had a black cherry with hot fudge and whipped cream sundae (for breakfast, no less!) almost every morning I was pregnant with my twins.

  7. How about peanut butter topping (like they have at Friendly’s) with chocolate ice-cream? Oh yum!!!! BTW, it appears Tim got out of cleaning the garage since Joshua did it for mere pie & not chips??? :-)

  8. I love ice cream pies. Anything with chocolate is always good! I made an ice cream cake on Saturday for Sam’s birthday party. It had ice cream sandwiches on the bottom, then I mixed instant choc. pudding mix with cool whip and hot fudge ice cream topping and crushed oreos. I spread part of that on the top of the sandwiches, then I added another layer of sandwiches, and another layer of the choc. mix. Then I covered the entire cake with cool whip, and chopped more oreos up and sprinkled them on top. I put the cake in the freezer overnight, and boy was it delicious!!! It is very rich, and was eaten quickly.

  9. Oh Amy! That sounds delicious. Wow! I’m drooling just reading about it. I wonder if we could get Tim to move away from pies and try this cake. I’ve seen recipes with ice cream sandwiches and they always look amazing. Did you take pictures??

  10. Yep, I dodged the garage-cleaning. I first tried to offer Daniel the job in our chips-for-chores (™) program, but he wasn’t sufficiently chip-impoverished. Then Joshua offered to do it, but he is our local equivalent of a chip-millionaire, with more than 50 hours stockpiled. He first asked for a whole ice-cream pie, and I countered with a quarter-pie slice. We ‘sweetened’ the deal by reading The Magician’s Nephew to him for part of the time he was cleaning.

  11. We love ice cream pie. I’ve adapted the Mike G recipe. We usually put in vanila, sometimes chocolate too and the Heath toffee crumbles. We also used Butterfinger candy bars. Is there any bad way to make ice cream pie!?

  12. Those all sound great! I’ve never had ice cream pie and now feel horribly sheltered.LOL I’ll be putting this on the list of to-do’s.


    Lisa in Jax

  13. Awesome!! I don’t eat sweets but on VERY special occasions, but this looks heavenly…and I truly appreciate your husband’s t-shirt. It says it all!!

  14. Yum! those look REALLY good! I think chopped up Resses and
    Butterfinger would be good, I’m going to ask Mom to make that
    for my birthday cake. (or pie)


  15. You mean you’d have to pick just one? LOL. What a question to ask, since I’m the one with 4 cartons of ice cream in the freezer . . . and that’s becuase Trevor finished the fifth one off tonight.

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