I’m Going Under – by Sarah

I’m not sure about this whole swimming thing. It turns out they want you to put your head under.

Under the water.

All the way.

I tried to tell them, “No, thank you, I’m fine with my face out of the water,” but they kept insisting it was swim class and I had to learn how to swim. Who knew swimming involved getting your head wet.

Look what I did today!!

plug your nose!

I have a GREAT swim teacher and she told me I could “Do It!” and so I went under.

Yep, all the way.


where's Sarah?

This isn’t too hard. Bring it on!

a little water logged

Project 366 – Day 23

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11 thoughts on “I’m Going Under – by Sarah”

  1. Hooray for you, Sarah. Now you are REALLY ready for the motel with Mamie and Granddad and Ft. Clark, Texas.

    Whee. I hope to swim with you some day- maybe this summer?

    I love you Edgrens. Aunt Kate

  2. Hey Sarah…do you think…you could you fly out here to San Diego and teach my six year old how to do that? I bet you could persuade her! I can barely get her to wash her face.

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