December Walk

We’re very excited to be rushing toward Christmas. Advent calendars are up. Christmas music has been playing for weeks. The TWO boxes of Christmas movies (we LOVE Christmas movies at this house) are on the shelf and ready for viewing. The tree is up but not decorated. We are all eagerly awaiting the arrival of Joshua, Rachel and Mamie on Saturday. This week!!!! At that point we want to slow down time and make every moment count. If only we could somehow turn two weeks into two months of family savoring sweetness.

Dec 2014 023 (Large)

The weather has been mild the past few days, so we went out for a little walk after lunch and before school reading.

Dec 2014 027 (Large)

David and Sarah are good companions for each other (and me). We are trying to finish up school so we can STOP EVERYTHING and just enjoy having a full house again.

Dec 2014 018 (Large)

Right now we’re praying for Joshua and Rachel as they finish up their finals and papers and pack up to come home. On Saturday!! This week!!! So excited. Planning to cram in as much fun, relaxation, and celebration as we can.


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