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What Daniel Found

In July, Daniel received an acceptance letter to Calvary Bible, and in August he and Tim set off for California. Watching the transformation and change that has gone on in Daniel’s life since he left for school has been incredibly moving.

I have seen the Lord grab hold of Daniel and fill him with a new power and passion for the Word.

Prayer has become one of his strengths.

He has faced the real temptations in his life with transparency and honesty, seeking accountability from other godly men.

In September we got a text (and pics) from Daniel.

“Hi Mom. This is a new chapter in my life. I got baptized!!”






My heart rejoices to see Daniel grow in wisdom and maturity. It is clear that he longs to follow God’s leading and call in his life. The school ended it’s year with a banquet of celebration. Although we couldn’t be there to enjoy the final moments, a dear friend who works at the college sent me a picture.

Bethany and Daniel all dressed up.

Bethany and Daniel all dressed up.

Daniel completed his first semester at Calvary successfully. So incredibly proud of him!!! He applied and was accepted to the program in Israel next year, leaving in February. God’s hand is on Daniel, and we are earnestly praying for him as he takes each step.

Project 365 – Day 338 (Dec 4)

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Pursuing Christ in Christmas

Celebrate HIM through whom all blessings flow!

Celebrate HIM through whom all blessings flow!

One of my greatest challenges in December is to keep my eyes on Jesus. I am easily distracted with the glitter and glam and fun of the holidays. This year, of course, was even busier/fuller than usual with Joshua’s wedding in Tennessee scheduled for December 18th.

Living a quiet, contemplative life does not come easy to me. My pace is usually more like – last minute, silly, occasionally frenzied, and very full.

We started an Advent family devotion through YouVersion. It was encouraging and meaningful, when we got to it. Many days we were busy with school, church activities, and our own lives to get to the devotion every night.


I’m so thankful that God’s grace covers my failures. That His grace is sufficient. That He knows I am weak and slow to learn. That His mercies are new every morning.

I am humbled that He made me, loved me from the beginning to the end, died for me, forgives me, and enables me to walk victoriously after Him.

Seeking Him in the midst of every season and in everything I do.

Project 365 – Day 337 (Dec 3)

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A Discouraged Spirit

I’m working through some Project 365 pictures that I need to post from the end of August.

January, February, March, April and May are all complete. Yay us!! June is only missing 3, two of which I hope Tim going to write about his time at JH Ranch with David.

July and August are an entirely different story. Yikes. I have quite a few back-dated pictures to post and blogs to write. I’m fairly certain, however, that I have a picture from every single day, so the Project 365 is still intact. It’s the small things we cling to, I find, that keep us sane.

So, bear with me as I publish several posts from the end of August.

Last week I was in a bit of a slump. David was in California with his good friend, Marshall. Tim was getting Daniel settled in at college in Murietta Springs. Rachel and Joshua were back in the busy, engaging activities of life at Union University. Sarah and I had a lovely time being together, but I could NOT motivate myself to do anything. I was tired and apathetic. I didn’t want to DO ANYTHING. Whenever I thought about the coming Fall activities, I just felt dread and weariness. It was odd and a wee bit troubling.

Planning school is inevitable.

Planning school is inevitable.

“Well, that’s it. I’m done. This couch looks cozy and that stack of magazines has my name on it.”

I didn’t want to think about house projects, fall ministries or co-op classes. I didn’t want to plan our homeschool schedule. I didn’t have a clue about making the most of this fresh year with David and Sarah. The sun was shining, but I felt too blah to enjoy it.

“Mom, are you okay?”

When your daughter hurries to call you after receiving some rather pathetic sounding text messages, you know you’re not doing a very good job of hiding your emotional state. Ha. One of the delights of my life is how my children bless ME. Rachel has the gift of encouragement, and she NEVER lets me fall into negative self-talk or believe the lies that Satan is so good at throwing around.

“Kathy,” a friend texted me, “you have had some BIG changes in your life this month, watching three children go off to college. It’s going to manifest itself in odd and emotional ways.”

“And you’re not a crier,” another sweet friend messaged to say, “so it has to come out other ways.”

Haha. Oh, how my children and my friends and my husband know me so well!

Thankfully after a day or two of pity parties involving shots of espresso (not that different from my regular parties, now that I think about it), I began to feel my old self. It helped when I made a mental list of all that I had done this summer.


1. A HUGE overhaul of the garage
2. Completely organized, sorted and labeled all of Tim’s tools and hardware
3. Organized the two sheds in the back yard
4. Emptied and helped Tim clean out our shed in the Duckabush (not touched in years!)
5. Worked for a week on my mom’s house in Texas – emptying, organizing, selling things, giving away stuff, etc
6. Decluttered our master bedroom and closet
7. Painted our bedroom, completely moving everything around, and surprising Tim with a new desk and work set-up
8. Hosted 7 families (and LOTS of kids) for a week of camp
9. Worked with Daniel to plant and landscape the front yard
10. Spent time with my niece/nephew and great-nephew, brother-in-law and sister-in-law
11. Welcomed my son’s beautiful fiancee into the home for a whirlwind (too short!) visit
12. Helped Rachel get ready and set off for college
13. Helped Daniel move out of his room – all his stuff sorted, boxed up or given away
14. Helped David move back to his room
15. Helped Sarah move beds around and switch things from Daniel’s room to hers

I realized that I wasn’t broken or incapable of tackling big projects, I had just done a LOT already this summer.

I let my spirit rest just a bit without panicking or fretting. I got an email from one of the amazing kids in my student government class and realized I had a few fresh ideas myself. I sat next to Tim while he spent hours working on our AWANA website and felt the excitement of the coming year. I went to a meeting with the new directors of the AWANA program and saw what fun it was going to be to work with them. I made plans to meet with some women regarding our mentor program.

And ever so sweetly the Lord breathed renewed life into my spirit. It wasn’t dramatic and startling. It was gentle and subtle. And isn’t He like that sometimes.

May the Lord give strength to His people.
May the Lord bless His people with peace. Psalm 29:11

I am so thankful for His mercies which are new every morning and refresh and refill my soul.

Project 365 – Day 239 (Aug 27)

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Serve Team Blends Again

We had our annual church meeting today. Lunch followed by an interesting meeting – budget review, elder affirmations, building discussion and the like.

Tim LOVES to make and serve blends at these type of lunch meetings. Now that he has an amazing Drama and Serve Team at his disposal, he can put kids to work and make mocha frappes and strawberry lemonade smoothies for the whole church.

David can talk, blend and help other kids all at the same time.

David can talk, blend and help other kids all at the same time.

The kids get pretty excited about the whipped cream going on top the mocha frappes.

The kids get pretty excited about the whipped cream going on top the mocha frappes.

We love our church and are very glad to have made it our home these past 10 plus years. Tim was affirmed as an elder today. He served for 6 years, took 2 years off, and will serve again in the upcoming year.

I am proud of him and the way he works and ministers so faithfully.

Project 365 – Day 179

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Flowers and an Apology

Received these beautiful flowers today from one of my children.


In Proverbs it says:

Good sense makes one slow to anger, and it is his glory to overlook an offense. Proverbs 19:11

Never is this more tested than in the chaos and joy of FAMILY life. I think we stumble over each other all the time in a family – in a marriage, in parenting, in serving one another, in NOT serving one another.

So, even though I was hurt and frustrated by an interaction with one of my sweet kiddos, I purposed to be a servant who overlooks an offense. I understand that it’s hard to grow up. It’s frustrating and confusing and exhilarating all at once.

Don't let the sun go down on your anger.

Don’t let the sun go down on your anger.

And, when we hurt each other, the Lord is honored when we restore the relationship. Sometimes that means a hug. Sometimes it is a note. Sometimes it’s an apology. And sometimes it’s beautiful purple flowers.

I love you!

Project 365 – Day 166

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