Beach Time

This weekend I snuck away with some other homeschooling moms. We are blessed to have a family in our co-op with a beautiful home at the beach.


They share generously with so many people and offered it to us for a mini retreat. We’ve been relaxing, sleeping in, eating delicious meals, and connecting deeper as a leadership team.


It is always difficult to leave Tim and the kids and make time for weekend events. I’m thankful Tim is so supportive of my ministry responsibilities.

Meanwhile I’m sleeping in a bunk bed. Hee hee. Hopefully the sun will be out tomorrow and we can find time for a walk on the beach.

Praying to be used by the Lord in this ministry position. He is so faithful to equip and enable me each time He calls me to serve. I’m not sure why I continually forget that and try to do things in my own strength.

Project 365 – day?

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Do You Believe?

Kathy is off on a leadership retreat for the home school co-op, and so the kids and I are at loose ends. I checked the movie listings and found that Do You Believe was still showing at our local Regal theater.

So we hopped in the car and caught the early evening showing. I always forget that there is no rush to getting to a movie that plays in the theaters — there must’ve been 20 minutes of previews tacked onto the beginning of the film.

Street preacher who appears briefly at the beginning of Do You Believe

Street preacher who appears briefly at the beginning of Do You Believe

It was a very well-spent $46. I always like to support Christian movies when they are in the theater, even though I’ll probably buy the DVD. If Christians don’t go to see these movies, theaters will stop carrying them. After all, why let even one of 15 theaters sit empty? It just doesn’t make good business sense.

There was a decent crowd for a Christian movie — I’d say there were between 40 and 50 people in the theater. Not bad for a movie that has been out a week or so.

The acting was pretty good, and the plot moved along nicely. It wasn’t too preachy, and the movie connected with me — I teared up several times. I was very glad to have a chance to see it, and I’ll definitely buy it when it comes out on DVD. It has a good chance of appearing on the AWANA prize table, one of these days.

One of the grave markers in the Western State Cemetery.

One of the grave markers in the Western State Cemetery.

I was out playing my portal game (Ingress) at lunch time, and I happened across a cemetery for people who died in a nearby mental hospital. There are more than 3000 people buried there, in what looks like a poorly-maintained grassy field. It made me sad, to think of so many people dying, most likely abandoned by family. Some of the grave markers were named, but others were merely a brick with a number.

The Western State Cemetery monument

The Western State Cemetery monument

The human mind is very fragile, and I am sometimes frightened by how narrow the gap is between mental health and a variety of mental illnesses. It reminds me of the Biblical story of Nebuchadnezzar, who went from being on top of the world, to being treated as a madman, in a matter of a few weeks.

Number 818 must have had a name, and I know he or she was deeply loved by God.

Number 818 must have had a name, and I know he or she was deeply loved by God.

I am thankful for my mental health, and I don’t want to take it for granted. I am also glad to be reminded to pray for those who suffer from depression, anxiety and other poorly-defined maladies of the mind.

Project 365, Day 86

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A Full Week

This has been another full week. We had small group one evening. I went to the airport and picked up a friend on Monday night. The kids have been working on their school. Daniel finished another quarter of his low voltage electricity program. I had a mentor coffee on Wednesday. Of course, AWANA kept us busy midweek. I met with a mentee in the morning this week. Daniel did some yard work (at home and for hire). David and I shopped for costume pieces for his Shakespeare play. Sarah decorated her keyboard with Washi tape. It rained some. The sun shone some. We did lots of dishes and laundry. We laughed and studied and fussed.

A pretty typical week. We miss Joshua and Rachel. They are starting spring break this week. Wish we could fly them home for a visit.

A few pictures and a thank you for sticking with us in our 2015 Project 365.

March 26 007 (Large)

March 26 011 (Large)

March 26 020 (Large)

March 26 023 (Large)

March 26 002 (Large)

Project 365 – Day 85

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Lost and Found

You really don’t notice how important some things are until you lose them. Yesterday morning, I was all set to leave for the office when I suddenly realized I was missing an important item: my wallet.

I need my wallet. I need my drivers license to legally drive. I need my transit pass to pay for the train and bus fares. I need the comforting feeling of my wallet in my back pocket so I’m not constantly patting my bottom in an awkward way. (I know this may conjure up some unfortunate images, but the truth is, if I don’t have my wallet, I’ll constantly be checking for it.)

I got a new wallet for Christmas -- I think it is time to move everything over to the swanky new one.

I got a new wallet for Christmas — I think it is time to move everything over to the swanky new one.

So I racked my brain for where it could possibly be. I’m a creature of habit — when I come home, I always put my wallet in a certain place, where I’m sure to find it. I never deviate from this pattern.

Well, almost never. It was several hours later when I found my wallet in the jeans I had worn the previous day, in a pile of dirty laundry. Of course, by that time the last train was long gone.

Tonight, Kathy lost her cell phone at AWANA. In spite of my own recent bout with a lost item, I was immediately suspicious. Her phone is having trouble holding a charge these days, and so I figured this was a crafty ploy to get a new phone. It took about fifteen minutes of searching before she found it at church — she had it on vibrate-only, so we couldn’t hear it when we called.

Kathy's faithful Galaxy S3 keeps chugging along, as long as she constantly charges it.

Kathy’s faithful Galaxy S3 keeps chugging along, as long as she constantly charges it.

Losing things is very annoying — keys, wallets, phones — these are often hard to find and very inconvenient to replace. It makes me wonder why my possessions don’t make more of an effort to be found. Indeed, sometimes I think they delight in hiding from me.

Switching gears, it is sobering to think of how many people are ‘lost’ from a spiritual perspective — lost in their sin, doomed to be separated from their God forever. I’m so glad that I am no longer ‘lost’ in that way, but am Found by the Maker of the Universe.

Project 365, Day 84

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Back on Track

As has been alluded to, we are trying to get back on track with our healthy eating and exercising. Cause, you know, it’s the end of March and there’s still time to fit into bathing suits and shorts without shame. At the rate we’re going, we might not even look good in flip flops.

Poor Tim – I was out late last night picking up a friend from the airport, and I completely forgot to make him a breakfast or lunch for work today. He threw together some things, but was definitely having a HUNGRY day. He texted me this picture in the middle of the afternoon.

Uh oh.  Where's the food?

Uh oh. Where’s the food?

Nothing like re-starting a diet to make you suddenly starving. And it’s the second day! How are we expected to keep going at this relentless pace?

David, Sarah and I did school to distract ourselves.

School reading time!

School reading time!

As part of my food plan/healthy eating, I’ve committed to switching to decaf coffee after lunch. Ugh. Pray for me. Enough said on that subject.

At Costco today, I bought a big bag of lemons. I need to increase my water consumption, and I love fresh lemon slices in a big Starbucks water glass. Even my water makes me think of coffee. Don’t worry, it’s decaf water (in the afternoon anyway).

I decided to make up a batch of the Trim Healthy Mama drink – the Singing Canary. I have made it in the past and thought it only so-so. But I was CRAZY about it today. So delicious. Here’s the link to the recipe I followed: Trim Healthy Mama Singing Canary

So delicious!

So delicious!

It’s got lemons and vitamin C, some protein powder, turmeric and vanilla. It was creamy and delicious. I am definitely making it again tomorrow. Added plus, it’s not the kids’ favorite drink, so I don’t have to share!

Not that I’m greedy or anything. I would totally share. I love you, David and Sarah.

I have to be careful because I know they’re gonna read the blog and then probably ask me to make them a pitcher of Singing Canary.

Here is the original post from the THM sisters discussing all the amazing health benefits of this drink (particularly noted to help with adrenal fatigue): FB Page about Singing Canary

Let me know if you give this recipe a try, or if you’ve already made it. So curious what other people think. There are all sorts of Trim Healthy Mama drinks and smoothies that Serene and Pearl (sisters and authors of the THM book) have created. Most of them have interesting names. Picture telling your kids you’re off to make some Good Girl Moonshine before you head off to church. That’ll raise some eyebrows.

Well, the lack of caffeine is making itself felt. I’m off to bed.

Project 365 – Day 83

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