Awards and Nominations

One of the nice things about the blogging community (or at least the blogs that we read) is their ability to affirm and encourage. As Kathy and I have taken our blog a little more ‘public’ over the past few months, we’ve received several awards and nominations.

Many of the ‘awards’ are simply badges of appreciation that bloggers share to encourage one another — so far we haven’t come to the attention of any large, corporate blogging sponsors with deep pockets, much to our chagrin. While we wait for lucrative book deals and national media attention, we’d like to say ‘thank you’ to those of you who have graciously passed along awards of various kinds.

Homeschool Blog Award Nominee

Rocking Girl Award — from Rachel

Thinking Blogger Award — from Dorothy

Mathetes Award — from Michelle

Fruit of the Spirit Blog — from Trish

Reflections Blog Award — from De’Etta

Inspirational Blogger Award — from Debbie

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