Tamagotchi Time

Grab your toy and sit with me.

the three amigos

The children have been working hard saving their money, following in the footsteps of their New and Improved Financially Savvy parents. Rachel bought a cell phone (plus two months of service fees) with her savings. David decided he wanted a Tamagotchi. He saved and gathered his money and then set off for Target with Rachel as his buying assistant. He was so excited to join Daniel and Rachel in the Tamagotchi world.

A Tamagotchi today, tomorrow a car. He’s on his way. :)


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We Love the Lake!

It’s my turn to try out the new slide show feature Tim uploaded to our WordPress blog. Some would say our blog is already a little photo heavy, and we don’t really need slide shows with dozens more pictures.

Those people obviously need to get a cup of coffee (iced if necessary) and just sit back and enjoy the Duckabush Experience. This elusive DE wouldn’t be complete without a plethora of pictures. Tim and I are under constant demand for more photos from our family members.

my crazy crew

They’re just greedy that way. Thankfully we adore our (still seems new to us) Nikon D40X camera and are more than willing to accommodate the desire for additional photos. I have a wonderful friend, Heather, who is an amazing artist and has offered to give me some photography lessons. There is much to learn and I am eager to be a student of the camera.

I should note that the pictures of Rachel on the jet ski are a wee bit misleading. She wasn’t out on the lake driving the Seadoo. The owner of the jet ski had just given the girls a ride on the water and climbed off when I grabbed my camera. I told Rachel to lean forward and pretend she was driving.

Lest anyone think I send my 12 year old daughter jet skiing out on the lake. Certainly not! Well, not on the first trip out anyway.

Oh, and that shadowy picture of two people on the jet ski (in the slide show) is Kirstin and me. Our hostess, Nancy, wanted to be sure there was photographic evidence that I was out there cruising around the lake. She seems to think I spend more time BEHIND the camera than in front of it.

Um, yeah. That’s pretty obvious. :)


Project 366 – Day 180

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The Street on Which I Live

I’m often amazed at the beauty with which God has graced this world, and the desire that people have to cultivate and appreciate that beauty. Surely Romans 1:20 is self-evidently true:

For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.

Today was a glorious day; after I finished work, I just had to be outside. I lay on my back in the yard, looking up at the sky, breathless at the blue and gold of this bright summer evening.

When Kathy returned home from her Lake Day, I grabbed her camera and strolled down the street, snapping pictures of the flowers that my neighbors are growing. David and Sarah came along to keep me company — the pictures in the slideshow below represent just the flowers I could easily find without trespassing.


Truth be told, many of the flowers have already bloomed and faded … late May is actually a better time to be a flower photo-hound, at least in western Washington.

– Tim

(OK, I’ll admit it, this whole post was just an excuse to try out some new slideshow software. I had to shrink the pictures down to a pretty low resolution so the slideshow would work — you’ll have to take my word for it that some of the photos were actually quite stunning.)

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Friends & Water

We had a glorious day on the lake today. Note: you are forewarned, I took at least 100 pictures and many of them cry out for a place on the blog.

For now it’s late and I’ll just post two. Rachel and her friend, Allison.

eek, who's driving?good friends are precious

Project 366 – Day 179

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Color Coordination – Techie Style

I spent a good portion of the day working on a flyer for a community carnival our church is hosting in July. Thankfully I have amazing friends and when I put out a desperate call for David/Sarah play time, I received nearly an immediate response and within 20 minutes they were buckled into my dear friend Julee’s car and on their way.

Thank you, Julee!! It was incredibly helpful to have those two little sweetie pies out of the house for a few hours. I really needed to concentrate and give this project my complete attention.

color coordinate me, Mom

Who me? I’m not distracting am I?

In the process of working on the brochure in Publisher, I discovered two online color scheme generators. Selecting colors, fonts, and graphics is always challenging for me. I am NOT a graphics designer or an artist of any kind. Frankly, I do NOT have that type of creative gifting so I appreciate any type of help I can receive in this area.

Color Scheme Generator is designed by wellstyled.com. When you select a color on the color wheel, three other colors come up in a box. You can then choose mono, contrast, triad, tetrad, and analogic for colors that compliment or contrast the original color. You can also vary the shades within the color groups. Very helpful.

Another fantastic color site is Color Scheme Online. You chose a color and fifteen coordinating colors come up in boxes, complete with RGB or Hex values (an absolute dream when you are customizing colors in Publisher). You can darken or lighten the palette as you wish.
I’m afraid I’m not describing these programs very well. It’s late and I’ve already used all my creative energies today. Click on the links and you’ll quickly see for yourself.

big brother to the rescue

Joshua helped put the training wheels on Sarah’s new bike. This photo has nothing to do with the blog but it does feature an awesome big brother.

Of course, this discussion of colors and computer use wouldn’t be complete without telling you about an easy-to-use, tiny (free) utility program a friend shared with me last year. Pixie is a color picker that includes a mouse tracker. In order to run it, simply point to a color and the Pixie box will list the hex, RGB, HTML, CMYK and HSV values of that color. I’ve used this numerous times when designing retreat booklets, flyers and brochures. It’s the perfect way to coordinate graphics and images with font colors, borders and other design features.

I love working with the computer and wish I was more artistic. Of course, raising my children, managing my household, loving my husband, serving the Lord and occasionally posting a decent blog takes nearly all my energy and brain power. :)


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