Tamagotchi Time

Grab your toy and sit with me.

the three amigos

The children have been working hard saving their money, following in the footsteps of their New and Improved Financially Savvy parents. Rachel bought a cell phone (plus two months of service fees) with her savings. David decided he wanted a Tamagotchi. He saved and gathered his money and then set off for Target with Rachel as his buying assistant. He was so excited to join Daniel and Rachel in the Tamagotchi world.

A Tamagotchi today, tomorrow a car. He’s on his way. :)


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4 thoughts on “Tamagotchi Time”

  1. This is one of two things that I thought was bound to fade from the scene as they were so fad-like at the time. I had a Tamagotchi (actually, I think it was a knock-off, but I was already too old from them anyway, so whatev). The fact that they are still popular today, 10 years later, astounds me. The other destined-to-be-forgotten fad was heelies. They were SO nerdy when they first came out, but in the last few years they’ve become popular…what?

  2. Sierra LOVES to play with those cute little contraptions too. I am also praying you find your camera . . . I would be lost without my little Canon DC750 which I take everywhere with me. I pray in Jesus name that your camera is found and found quickly! Blessings! Emily

  3. LOL.. yep… from toys to cars overnight it seems! It’ll be here sooner than you think.

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