We Love the Lake!

It’s my turn to try out the new slide show feature Tim uploaded to our WordPress blog. Some would say our blog is already a little photo heavy, and we don’t really need slide shows with dozens more pictures.

Those people obviously need to get a cup of coffee (iced if necessary) and just sit back and enjoy the Duckabush Experience. This elusive DE wouldn’t be complete without a plethora of pictures. Tim and I are under constant demand for more photos from our family members.

my crazy crew

They’re just greedy that way. Thankfully we adore our (still seems new to us) Nikon D40X camera and are more than willing to accommodate the desire for additional photos. I have a wonderful friend, Heather, who is an amazing artist and has offered to give me some photography lessons. There is much to learn and I am eager to be a student of the camera.

I should note that the pictures of Rachel on the jet ski are a wee bit misleading. She wasn’t out on the lake driving the Seadoo. The owner of the jet ski had just given the girls a ride on the water and climbed off when I grabbed my camera. I told Rachel to lean forward and pretend she was driving.

Lest anyone think I send my 12 year old daughter jet skiing out on the lake. Certainly not! Well, not on the first trip out anyway.

Oh, and that shadowy picture of two people on the jet ski (in the slide show) is Kirstin and me. Our hostess, Nancy, wanted to be sure there was photographic evidence that I was out there cruising around the lake. She seems to think I spend more time BEHIND the camera than in front of it.

Um, yeah. That’s pretty obvious. :)


Project 366 – Day 180

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6 thoughts on “We Love the Lake!”

  1. Can ever be too many photos? Only when you are trying to put them in ALBUMS… ::snort::

    I love the slide show. I need to get motivated and learn what the Nikon D 70 will do….you are motivating me…but then I’d want to carry it all over again and Mike likes me using the pocket size thing. Hmmm…..I think I’ll look for some tutorials and see…..

    But then again I never even PS my photos….and I could do that and make them better…..hmmm…so much to think about. Forget thinking…I’ll just enjoy your photos. LOL

  2. FUN! We’re hoping to get to the lake at least once, maybe even twice, this summer. Our summer fun activities are cut in 1/2 when we have to play at church 2 weekends out of each month.

  3. I love the slideshow and I LOVE the new picture at the top of the blog – so very, very cute!!!!! Those Edgrens are pretty adorable!

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