Love languages: by Rachel

Hi peoples! Whats up??

smile for the camera

Today I am writing a blog because my mom and dad don’t want to!! Yep, that’s pretty much the only reason! Anyway, we were talking about love languages this evening. I don’t really know what mine is. I thrive on quality time and gifts. When Mom and I go shopping we can combine them both. I did really like words of affirmation, but my parents say they aren’t very good at praising people, so I guess I’ll stick with the quality time and gifts.

Bring on the gifts!!! Just kidding.

We weren’t just talking about my love language. Mom and Dad wanted to figure out the whole family’s different love languages. Mom thinks Daniel needs physical touch, Joshua likes quality time, and David feels loved with gifts giving. Just like his big sister!!! We haven’t decided on Sarah’s yet. Maybe she’s too young.

Tonight we had Bible study, so while I baby sat I got to talk to my girl friends!!! That was fun!! Yesterday, I baby sat for a family that goes to our church. It has been a pretty good weekend. Mom and I went to the movies on Friday night. Too bad I have to do school tomorrow. :(

time to type

One thing I have to look forward to, is I am going to Norway in May!! I know that is, like, so cool!!!

Well, it is late and I had better go to bed.

See ya later!

(aka) RJE

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10 thoughts on “Love languages: by Rachel”

  1. Nice to hear from you on the blog, Rachel. And I’m glad you seem to be having such a great weekend. Can’t wait ’til May!

  2. Yes indeed, it is like SO cool that you’re coming! We are excited about dragging you all over the place! Get your walking legs in shape, girl! We’ll have tons of quality time, if not tons of gifts!

  3. Well I’m glad you posted Rachel – you did really well – I enjoyed reading it. I’m trying to figure out my kids’ love language too. Mine is “service” and my hubby’s is “gift” :)

  4. Hi, Rachel. So good of you to blog for us!! I would have suspected that quality time might be important for you.

    Are you really going to Norway? WOW!! Our exchange student and dear friend Henning lives near Oslo with his wife and kids. Where do Mark and Liz live?

    Have a good day- study hard! I love you. Aunt Kate

  5. Rachel, what are you going to Norway for? That would be FUN! Thanks for the blog…We study love languages a lot too…my girls are both quality timers…they need to spend LOTS of time with me ;)

  6. Couldn’t pass up an opportunity to tell you, Rachel, how much I enjoyed reading your blog. I’m not surprised you’re such a good writer. You got it from both sides of the family! Write any time you can, and it’ll be a pleasure for many of us who have watched you grow up. We’re big fans! Love,
    Joyce in windy Texas

  7. After we talked it over for awhile, we all agreed that ‘Quality Gifts’ was a nice way to blend ‘quality time’ and ‘gifts’, so that is our new, official love language.

    It is interesting to note that the way people express love is often related to the way they like to receive it, but that this can be clouded by their spiritual gift. If someone is spiritually gifted, say, with the gift of generosity or service, they may act out their love toward others using their spiritual gift even if that isn’t how they would prefer to receive love.

    It is all very hard for a parent. We do hope none of our children has ‘words of affirmation’ as their love language, since they are likely to be pretty love-starved in our household, if they depend on such words.

  8. Hey Rachel! Good to see you up and blogging! :) You did an excellent job, and I am very impressed with your writing skills. How exciting that you are going to Norway! Will you be back in time for WNW? I am leaving for Tennesee very soon, so I’ll wave to you as your plane flies over. :) Or, are you intending to drive to Norway? Just kidding. :)

    Anyway, have a jolly day!

    In Christ Alone, Brooke the WNW CIT

  9. Maybe you should stick to walking and hiking exercises for now, methinks you will need them here in Norway. We are planning some nice tortures I mean light strolls and meanders. Hope you bring mud clothes. Sincerely, your cousin Samuel. BWAHAHAHAA!

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