End of an Era

Today is the last day of Donald Trump’s presidency, but more importantly, it marks the end of another era: my tennis supremacy within the family.

Today, my youngest son defeated me in a set of tennis, 6-2. This hasn’t happened to me in a long time.

One man's victory is another man's crushing defeat.

One man’s victory is another man’s crushing defeat.

As it turns out, youth, physical fitness, reach, ability and stamina DO overcome an unscrupulous tendency for weasel-shots. Who knew?

I suppose I was warned — we played tennis while visiting Rachel and Tim in Louisiana, and I noted David’s skill and ability at that time. I guess I just never thought that the “student would become the master” with so little warning. One minute David was a little fella, riding on my shoulders and generally being as cute as the day is long, and the next he’s mopping the court with me.

Truth is, I’m very proud of Dave. I can see if I want to remain even competitive, I’m going to have to play more often. Either that or go into stasis for forty years. I’ll keep you posted on my efforts in either direction.


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