A Household of Men

In celebration of Rachel’s recent birthday, Kathy and the girls have gone off for a birthday overnight, leaving me and the boys home alone. So far, as befits the men of destiny that we are, we’ve accomplished quite a few things on our list:

  • Vacuum the dining room
  • Call all our friends and chat with them
  • Dust the furniture
  • Shop for matching clothes for our next family photo
  • Do seven loads of laundry
  • Exercise to a twenty-minute aerobic workout video
  • Clean each of the bathrooms
  • Cook a healthy, balanced meal with lots of vegetables

Boys in Brown
Men of Destiny

Oh, wait, that wasn’t our list. Here’s ours:

  • Litter the dining room with woodcarving chips
  • Let all calls go to voicemail
  • Put our feet on the furniture
  • Shop online for a new computer video graphics card
  • Create seven loads of laundry
  • Lay on the couch while watching a Hornblower video
  • Use each of the bathrooms
  • Eat pancakes and ice cream

There’s really not much difference between those lists, is there? And here Kathy was worried about leaving us to our own devices! Come home soon, Kath! We miss you … :)


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7 thoughts on “A Household of Men”

  1. Gorgeous picture, Tim!! WOW. What a lovely group of ‘men’ live in your household.

    Hurry home, Katherine- I fear the house will be overtaken by cute girls!! Haha.

    Love you men, and women! Aunt Kate

  2. As Kristine enters the 21st century eight years behind schedule, she marvels at the technology that can auto-email new blog entries directly to her in box.

    * * *

    What a great way to start off my day. (Tim, considering I just woke up in Virginia, this is an absolutely unearthly hour on the west coast.)

    I am looking forward to hearing about Kathy and the girls’ trip.

  3. Sounds like great fun if you’re a guy, which you guys are, so good! I’m sure the girls had their flavor of fun, too, but surely of a different sort.

  4. Ahhhhhhhh I feel so much better. When I read the first list I got a tad envious and then I kept reading and boy did I feel better. My guys would of done the second list too :LOL

  5. Okay – I have to share in regards to what Tim added to the comments section…my hubby does a guy weekend every year with his brother, BIL, & cousin. They could NOT figure out who kept putting the toilet seat DOWN – until after my hubby went & there it was. I guess I did get that bit trained in to him which is pretty amazing since I live in a household of FOUR men/boys! LOL

    Love the posts – so enjoy reading this blog!!!!

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