October is an important month in our family. Tim and Joshua both have birthdays as does my sister in law, Elizabeth. Several of my dear friends also celebrate their birthdays in October. With all of these gala events, there’s hardly room for other parties or festivals. Or so I thought.

I may change my mind.

A new cyber friend of mine, Cindy from Still His Girl, hosts an annual Chocotoberfest. If you click on this link she gives specific details on how to throw your very own Chocotoberfest. There are contests and prizes and chocolate desserts galore. It looks like an amazing, fun night full of deliciousness. I wonder if Cindy had one of these little treasures at her party.

chocolately goodness

This is a must at any Chocotoberfest.

Sadly, I am currently living a no sugar life. Since most chocolate is usually found paired with sugar of some form, a chocotoberfest might not be the best choice for me. Cindy’s husband, Tim’s new pencil pal, has a different idea; instead of chocolate, how about a Cheesetoberfest.

Truly the mind boggles.

Again, I find myself in a bit of a dilemma. I’m in the middle of a very intense Reunion Countdown where I am limiting my calories and increasing my work outs. Cheese, it turns out, is often paired with calories, lots of calories. While calories are, in and of themselves not bad (they turn up in EVERYTHING), I have an aversion to eating my entire day’s worth in one sitting.

Today I stumbled on my very own October celebration – Socktoberfest.

gather ye socks

To hold your own Socktoberfest, invite friends and family to bring all their unmatched socks to your home (only clean socks allowed). Decorate the rooms with famous sock quotes such as:

“Never put a sock in a toaster.”
“I washed a sock. Then I put it in the dryer. When I took it out, it was gone.”

hold up your socks

Decorum is strictly followed at Socktoberfest, proper manners and all that.

Offer prizes for the person most dressed like a sock, the best missing sock story, and the most creative sock puppet.

Play games such as: Trail of Socks, Hide and Sock, Pin the Sock on the Dryer, and Bobbing for Socks.

tossing socks

grab a sock

The kids practice their sock throwing for the Sock Toss

This idea may take off and become a huge phenomena, just remember you heard it first on the Duckabush Blog. I’m still searching for some appropriate sock-based culinary delights to serve at the party and a theme song, so I need your input and suggestions.

Project 365 – Day 287

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19 thoughts on “Socktoberfest”

  1. Only a very creative and fun-loving mind would think of such a thing! Or a person staying up WAY too late at night. I think you’ve really hit on something here, Kathy! The possibilities are endless! And to think I knew you when…

  2. I believe a Christmas stocking cookie cutter would come in handy for creating sock-shaped goodies, whether they are cookies or finger sandwiches (PB&Toe Jam?).
    Baby socks with tea leaves inside could serve as filthy little tea bags.
    And stockings could be stuffed with candy or prizes or CHEESE.
    I’m stuck on “Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting” for your theme song because everyone else is overdoing “Footloose” at a gazillion other Socktoberfests nationwide.
    But mostly i just can’t wait for your reunion to be over so you can indulge in cheese and chocolate and not feel that you must limit parties to an un-paired garment celebration.
    I hope your classmates appreciate the sacrifices you are making.

  3. Kathy, I can’t wait until this reunion is over! You are beautiful just the way you are. Now, I’ve never seen you live and in person but the person you are inside shines through in your beautiful smile in your pictures anyway! I’m going to look at that Choctoberfest site and plan one of my own!

  4. Hey Kathy-thanks for stopping by.
    Loved this post and the ideas for socktoberfest. I’m thinking that it might not go over quite as well as Choctoberfest. But, if you come up with some great games and recipes please let us know. :)
    Love the pictures of the kids. Thats a lot of lost socks.
    RYC–No, I don’t wish I was a “fluffy, happy” person–but others have. I have learned to like myself the way I am. Down to earth and serious if a good thing. Some of us have to be grounded so there will be someone to hold onto the feet of those floating around in the air. ;)

  5. And here I was thinking you might be a closet knitter and you were going to host a sock knit along! But your version of Socktoberfest looks like lots of fun. You could have contests for best sock puppet, or hold the annual Sockster (Oscar) awards for the best play performed entirely by said puppets. Or get a bunch of iron-on patches and decorate all those stray socks.

  6. All those socks remind me of my huge basket of socks that each morning my kids go through to find matches. I think it would be fun to have a
    socktoberfest, and then maybe all the socks will miraculously find all their matches. Have fun today!!!

  7. Socktoberfest does not sound quite as yummy as choctoberfest, which I did, in fact, attend since my friend, Cindy, hosted it. I dare not describe the raspberry, turtle and orange truffles that someone made, or it might make your mouth water and cause you to become insanely jealous. I’ll try not to mention the homemade s’mores that someone brought…yes, we’re talking homemade marshmallow here. Amazing! Next year, I think you should organize a Choctoberfest celebration in your neck of the woods!

  8. This is hilarious. Linda in Fl.—you are absolutely right- Katherine is beautiful inside and outside. And you knew it without ever meeting her in the flesh. You must be smart, too!!

    Fun fun celebration. I have some clean missing socks to contribute to the household, too.

    Love you kids, AK

  9. That’s HILARIOUS! We had our very own Soctoberfest this weekend and didn’t even know it (LOL)! we gathered all of our unmatched socks and tried to pair them up.

  10. I love this idea…and it’s especially funny for me, a short while ago I posted about having a sock-monster in our home, and then just recently, my friend, at In the Life of a Child,
    mentioned…That I was to be~~ a Pollyanna, and that if I wasn’t nice she would bring me all her mis-matched socks, as *gasp* punishment!
    Maybe we are on to something, everyone pack up your miss~matched socks and send to the person next on the list…
    Just think how fun that would be?! Hehehehehehe!
    unless you had OCD…then…
    that wouldn’t be too much fun…I guess?!
    I hope this brings humor to you!

  11. I have tears in my eyes, the comments were almost as funny as the blog! I think you should add largest una-sock (great term) and tiniest una-sock to the competitions.

    Kathy in UT (SHS)

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