Do All Children Long for a Dog

Or cat or guinea pig? What is the origin of this deep seated desire for a pet?

joshua's got a puppy

Notice how Joshua keeps one hand on the mouse while holding a dog on his lap. That’s my boy! :)

My good friend and neighbor, Julee, recently (as in yesterday) acquired a dog. It was unexpected and a complete gift – food, accessories, dog carrier, dog all free. My kids have been writhing in jealous envy ever since.

Tonight the kids had an opportunity to dog sit little Mia while Julee and her family were at church. What a thrill. We’re probably the only family on the planet who would go around offering to pay for the opportunity to pet sit.

joshua, Mia and the girls

Joshua is not as dog crazy as the rest of the children but he was in the comfy chair and Mia was looking for a cozy resting place. Up into his lap the dog climbed. The main responsibility of this evening’s pet sitting job was to keep the dog awake. This picture looks mighty suspicious.

Joshua, is that little dog sleeping?

We did our best. She obviously found Joshua too relaxing to resist.

Project 365 – Day 286

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14 thoughts on “Do All Children Long for a Dog”

  1. Yes, yes, yes, I think all children long for a dog!!! I know my children ask, beg, plead, on a regular basis for a dog.

  2. Yes, all children want a dog, and their loving daddies want one, too (and see the dog in the pet store, and call you on their cell phone to come right over and see the cute fluffy dog….) And all moms end up training, feeding, cleaning up after, and defending the dog from everyone else when the dog chews up the Anakin Skywalker space ship toy or the leg of the new kitchen table. All I’m saying is, Let this be a warning to you.

  3. Oh, my son has been waging a campaign for a dog for years. We tried a hamster first. Then a guinea pig. Then a cat. trying desperately to assuage the deep desire for the dog and delay all the responsibility of one that I’m not ready for. They each only worked as a temporary fix. You can’t walk a guinea pig, teach a hamster tricks or take a cat on holiday. So…it seems….we will have to bite the bullet sooner or later.

  4. That is an adorable little Yorkie!!!! How cute and what a great unexpected gift – food, accessories, crate included!!!

    I think all kids do long for a dog. I remember that it was always the forbidden thing growing up because of dad’s allergies…but now that I’m all “growed up” I couldn’t imagine life WITHOUT a dog! Our kids love our dogs – they are so sweet. Just like the kids but they can’t talk back!! ha! There is nothing like having a warm furry companion to go off into the woods with you or to have that cold wet nose snurffling your hand!

    I must admit, I am jealous of your dog-sitting job!! Can I baby sit her too??? Puh-lease??????

  5. I don’t know why kids think they must have pets… I suppose it’s the “something to love” each day that Charlotte Mason speaks of in her writing? We have a dog and a few cats, but we don’t let them in the house. So, having pets isn’t really “enough” for my kids… they HAVE pets… now they want to bring them indoors… I draw the line at the back porch though….

  6. There’s just something about “a boy and his dog.” But Anne is right about who does what! Unless some hard and fast rules are laid down before the little pup ever steps into the house.

  7. Awww – so cute! My little girl keeps campaigning for a puppy too. Even before her baby brother was born when people would ask her if she wanted a a baby brother or a baby sister she would scowl, fold her arms and shout “NO! A PUPPY!” *sigh* I’ve told her she needs to learn how to be gentle with the kitty first… so maybe by the time she’s 23…

  8. I think it’s genius to dogsit. Then you don’t have the hassle of worrying about yet another THING. I really, really want a dog, and it’s just not gonna happen. :(

    but dogsitting? I can do that!

  9. My girls are driving me crazy about getting a dog. Only the one they want is a Great Dane puppy. Originally we were not going to get a dog until after Tim got home, but now I am actually thinking about it. Aaaaagh! Everyone I have seen that knows my girls is in on the plot and asking me when we are bringing home our puppy and that it is sooo cute. I keep telling the girls I have a few more weeks to think and pray about this, but they are relentless.

  10. Haha. How lovely for Julee to have a dog and to be willing to share her with you. That is perfect!! and may fill Rachel’s longing for one??

    When our Travis was 10 yrs. old, he started his campaign for a dog and he won. Of course, it was his dad who also wanted a dog!! And yes- mom did the cleaning and caring for Sue, our wonderful black lab. But to be truthful- Trav helped me pick up poop, took her for walks and obedience school (she didn’t pass very well) and definitely played roughly with her!!

    Sue ate his watch, the zipper on his raincoat, etc etc etc. She was a wonderful addition to our family–but I resisted strongly!!

    Love you kids, Aunt Kate

  11. oh so sweet! right now we’re longing for a second dog. but not so much a lap dog. something bigger with more substance since we have a rowdy 3 year old boy.

  12. I had no idea there were so many other families with pet issues. :) I’ve already spoken to Julee and she promises to let us watch Yorkie Mia again sometime soon. Maybe this can really be the best of all worlds – none of the cost or trouble but all of the cute, doggy joy.

    Melissa – my oldest son would probably prefer a more “manly” dog. This little Yorkie was pretty cute, I have to admit.

    Diann – do you ever feel like you are doomed, that the world is ganging up on you and you don’t stand a chance? LOL! A Great Dane puppy? Where did they get that idea? Will you be able to hold out? I like the “I’m praying about it” line. That should buy you a few days but remember, they are praying too and, if they are anything like my children, they’re praying harder. Ha!

    Dorothy – that is exactly what my dd says. You can’t teach a guinea pig tricks or walk it. It’s just not a very satisfying companion. Just having a guinea pig at all was a BIG stretch for me (I’m not a pet person) so I don’t feel very sympathetic. It is, however, hard to resist those little pleading faces.

    Anne and Liz – thank you for the warning! I am listening.

    Amy – are you tempted? Every once in a while (usually after a sweet dog movie) I start to waver.

  13. We are a pet family and I could not imagine life without a dog…we always had dogs growing up and Brian and I have had dogs.

    We have a dog, a cat, three rabbits, chickens, guinea fowl, frogs, fish, a parakeet, salamanders and at various times of the year other creatures that come to visit and then we let go.

    The dog, frog, fish, parakeet, and salamanders are inside pets.

    We got a new puppy when Gabe was two and it was the best thing we ever did. Gabe and Gracie grew up together and had a great time. They are such pals. Gracie however, is not too sure about the Littles and keeps her distance most of the time.

    Give in, let your kids have a dog! :-)

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