Reunion Count Down

Next month Tim and I head out to our college reunion. We met at school in Virginia, dated for two years and married 13 days after graduation. Although older by five years, Tim was kind enough to delay his education in order to time things just right so we would both be sophomores (me for the first and him for the second) when we were introduced. This fall we return to those beautiful campus grounds to wander, reminisce and feel old.


Where have the years gone?

When did they start admitting high school students into college?

Since I have squandered away the summer months, eating chips, nuts and other goodies with abandon, I find myself facing a reunion heavier (fluffier?) than I’d like to be. When Tim and I made the arrangements to go to Virginia, I thought for sure I would work diligently for months getting ready. “Ah, finally the motivation I need to hit my goal and get rid of those last 25-30 pounds,” I told myself.

Well, sadly that didn’t happen. I realized, last week, that the reunion was a month away and I was NO closer to my goal. Panicking, I put in a desperate call to my good friend, Julee, and begged for a month long food and fitness plan. “Be brutal,” I told her. “Think Biggest Loser meets Homeschooling Mom!” I quickly added, “remember it’s still “me” so be a gentle kind of brutal.” I’m nothing if not consistent. I wanted to be sure she remembered I have five children and can’t devote 4 hours to exercise every day.

heading off on a walk

Time for a walk with Julee. Gorgeous sunshine.

Two days later I got a call from Julee, calling herself “Jillian” after one of the hard-core fitness trainers from Biggest Loser. Ouch. I was nervous just answering the phone. Ha!

Julee and her husband put together an awesome schedule for me. Colin took my stats – height, resting heart rate, current calories, and weight (gulp) – and devised a caloric intake eating plan just for me as well as a exercise/calorie goal to hit daily. He included me a sample menu and an interval training program. Did I mention Colin is wonderful? Oh yes, organized, thorough and very professional. Maybe there’s a side job in personal training waiting for you, Colin.

I am using an online program, Fit Day, to record my eating. I find it helpful to see the numbers as they add up throughout the day. It’s made me realize (again) that choices like higher fat beef versus chicken can make a big difference in my calories for the day.

I searched for an online exercise/calorie calculators and eventually stumbled upon this one. Enter in your weight and the length of time exercised, the website calculates the number of calories you would burn for 222 activities. This was easier than toggling back and forth on other sites, changing the walk pace from 3.5 to 4 mph, and recalculating each time.

Every night I email my stats to Julee. I know, lucky girl. I need the accountability at this time and she is a tremendous support to me in my efforts. I thought additional well-wishers in my camp would be helpful, so I decided to post my plan here.

Nothing like the blogging world to keep you on the straight and narrow.

If you have any words of wisdom or tips, please share them! I’m determined to make this month count and do my best to be disciplined and faithful in my healthy eating and consistent work-outs. It’s only been a few days but I already feel better and more hopeful than I have felt in a long time. I’m also sore, exhausted and tired of exercising. :)

I am praying it will be a fruitful month. One of the questions on our BSF lesson this week was: How have you recently put your faith into action? I thought about all the ways in which I rely on God’s wisdom, guidance, comfort, presence and then realized beginning this month of discipline is an action I am taking, in faith. I know the Lord wants me to set aside the gluttony and laziness that keeps me from living a healthy, fit life. I am praying that He blesses my efforts and fills me with confidence and determination to continue. I am asking that He prevent Satan from filling my ears with accusations and my heart with discouragement. I am trusting He will be with me on this journey.

Project 365 – Day 269

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11 thoughts on “Reunion Count Down”

  1. Go for it my friend! I know this is important to you and yeah for Julee for Colin for being so helpful and encouraging! I want you to feel as though you have done your best this month and to be satisifed at the end. Just remember that we all love you and God loves you even more, 20 pounds lighter or not. We are cheering for you and will applaud you whatever the outcome.
    I miss walking with you, so go get in an another mile or two for me!

  2. Yeah, Katherine!!! What a boost to have Julee and Colin – your very own personal trainers. Regardless of whether you lose all the lbs you want to lose….you will feel more energetic, look vibrant, and will be admired and envied by your classmates at the reunion. I think you and Tim look almost the same as your graduation picture…

    Go forward with gusto.

  3. Hooray, dear Katherine!! I am on your side, in your corner, etc. etc. TOO.

    Several things our KOPS (keeps off pounds sensibly) leaders say in my TOPS meetings: Marie says that calories are the only things that matter. She insists that one cannot exercise enough to lose wt. but MUST cut calories. She is the same one who says- muffins have to be cut out. Ha. Another dear KOPS Helen insists that it has to be top priority!

    I echo TIna, Liz and Malta- you are mightily loved, regardless of the # on the scale.

    Go to it!! You will so beautiful that you’ll have to fight pride and vanity. Ha. I love you. Aunt Kate

  4. I love that you and your friend are like free advertisers for NIKE and GAP in your picture. Anyway, keep at it and don’t give up in your goal of good health, exercise, and weight loss. How wonderful to have a friend who is willing to see you succeed and help you keep your goal. Have fun at your reunion!!!

  5. Oooh, can I do this by osmosis?? ha.ha…swing on down to Atlanta to see your little sister, Tim! (hint,hint)

    Seriously, it sounds very intense – good luck!

  6. You know what’s going to happen now, don’t you? Your friend is going to get emails from a dozen or more blog readers wanting their services as well (LOL)! Keep up the good work!

  7. I like to make it to the gym for nights a week but some times that doesn’t always happen. I usually try to workout for an hour each time I go. I gained some weight while in Italy so I am now working hard to get it off . . .too much pasta, bread, cheese . . . oh the list goes on and on LOL

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