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Tim and I are on a budget. Oh the joys of budgeting: all that money saved because we aren’t out shopping, healthier hearts and slimmer hips because of those hearty home baked meals (none of that yucky fast food), and of course, wonderful family time at home. No pesky movie outings to schedule or babysitters to hire. Ah, yes, it’s definitely a special delight.

So, in honor of Budgeting Is Fun, I thought I would post a simple Works for Me Wednesday blog about grocery shopping.

righteous ringleader in red

We did splurge and go to the fair this month – next year we’ll actually plan it into the budget. Heh, heh.

In an attempt to be more organized in my grocery shopping, I decided to try my hand at a little Microsoft Word Grocery List Magic. MWGLM – it’s catchy, I know. You probably need some MWGLM in your life as well. Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

First I searched far and wide online to find a basic grocery list that would suit my needs. I ended up at Donna Young’s amazing website. She has forms, planners, and blank printables in abundance. In her kitchen section, I discovered the perfect grocery list.

I took the basic list and modified it to fit the five stores I most frequently visit. In my case, that would be Target, Albertsons, Fred Meyer, Costco, and Trader Joe’s. If I were truly organized (ie obsessive compulsive) I would have each store organized by aisle, but there are limits to how far I was willing to take this project. Not that MWGLM couldn’t take you there, with a little work.

At the beginning of each month, I can print out my lists and mark them as necessary. Better yet, Tim and the children can check off things they need. Everything is organized by store and I am able to quickly plan my errands and shopping.

I can help you with the list, Mom

“I’ll take TWO of everything, Mommy.”

Here are the links to my five shopping lists. They are all Word documents (sorry for those of you who are still using Word Star or Lotus Ami Pro, nothing personal you understand). You are welcome to look them over, save them to your computer, and change as necessary. For that matter, you can print them out as coloring pages for your preschoolers. Call it school.

Fred Meyer
Trader Joe’s

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23 thoughts on “WFMW — Master Grocery Lists”

  1. HOw does this work? I need more details or more sleep.’

    I am a very poor and extravagant grocery shopper. Yes, jw has the $$, but it isn’t wise or respectful to spend it foolishly. Please- more guidance.


  2. I am not either obsessive compulsive! I’ve made lists based on the military commissary aisles for several years – aisle number in the margin, then a list of the things found in that aisle. Print off a bunch, put one on the fridge door, and as we need something we just circle it. Move to a new place – take old list along, write in new aisle numbers, change it on the computer and voila. Very handy, but NOT obsessive compulsive. Ahem.

  3. That’s pretty much the store line-up I’d use too! :)
    What a great system.
    Oh and sing along with me “Do the Puyallup” Is that the fair you went to?

  4. Do you have a Super WalMart near you? I couldn’t live without their house brand! Many savings. Don’t buy their produce, but they match other store’s prices. Smart to have a list. I always have one going at all times, since I save gas by combining trips. Besides WalMart, I like Sam’s Club and United Grocery Store (moderate prices on fresh veggies). This was an interesting blog! THEY ALL ARE! Keep up the good work.

  5. What, no summary or ending? I was expecting pictures of you handing each of your older kids a list and splitting the store in 1/2 or 1/3… that’s what we do. We make our grocery list by which side of the store things are in.. I send one kid one direction and another kid a different direction and they have a RACE to see who gets back to the checkout (where I stand leisurely reading a magazine and drinking a nice cold bottle of water) waiting for them to return so we can hurry home! It works *GREAT*! And.. you think I’m joking. I’m not… totally serious here. In fact, I think I should blog about it someday!

  6. What a great idea… I’ve thought about doing this myself but so far haven’t accomplished the task. I’ll definitely be cheating off your homework! Thanks for the post.

  7. What awesome lists! Actually, mine looks very similar and I posted about grocery shopping and sticking to the list today! Great, great post! and thanks for the new website to look at!

  8. Sweet!! I thought I was a geek because I have mine done by store (NOT by aisle but I do have canned goods seperate from produce and meat and such…LOL!) only mine is all done in Excel and in a hand written notebook ;) I also keep a price journal…

  9. All RIGHT. You’re posting these just to torture me, aren’t you? We don’t HAVE any of these stores in there here parts, lol! (Okay, we do have a Target 50 mins. away, and I can’t complain about that!)

  10. Wow, five stores! I do all my grocery shopping at one, once a week…maybe hit WalMart every two months…we live very simply here in the country! LOL

    PS-Mainly, I just hate to shop!

  11. Aunt Kate – I’ll e-mail you privately and detail a little more specifically how I use the lists. I love you! You’re such a wonderful encouragment to me. Thank you for always being so incredibly affirming!!

  12. Ellen – you nailed it, we went to the Puyllup Fair. It was VERY fun. The kids are all ready to go again. Oh, all except my oldest who discovers he does not like ANY rides. :)

  13. A few years back, I created my own list, organized by aisle (guess that makes me obsessive compulsive :) for the two stores I frequent – Wal-Mart and Kroger. It makes it MUCH easier for me to shop . . . if I could just get my hubby to write things in on the correct aisle!

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