WFMW – A Girls Weekend Away

WFMWThis weekend I had the delightful pleasure of sneaking away with some girlfriends. It wasn’t an official Women’s Retreat or a Homeschooling Conference. There was no business that needed attending or meetings scheduled for the entire weekend. We had a wonderful time and I knew immediately that this would be the perfect topic for this week’s Works for Me Wednesday post.

Planning a Girls Getaway Weekend

  1. Find a friend with a birthday. This should not be difficult as most people have birthdays. It is helpful if the birthday girl has parents with a timeshare or a second home at the beach. This keeps costs down considerably. Improvise as necessary with both the birthday friend and the accommodations.
  2. our birthday girl

    Michelle was the birthday girl who organized our weekend away.

  3. Hand off children to the beloved, helpful, and thoroughly capable spouse. If you do not have children or spouse, please skip this step. If your spouse is not helpful or capable (I’m presuming they are beloved) begin training immediately. This is key as children are not welcome at Girls Getaway Weekends. Unfortunate but true.
  4. Gather a collection of very silly friends. The problem here is narrowing it down to just a few, too many silly friends and things get out of hand. If you find yourself with a plethora of wacky girlfriends, do not despair, you can schedule several weekends away.
  5. wacky friends

    Victoria, Kirstin, Michele and Nancy pose for the camera. They obviously qualify as Silly Friends.

  6. Plan some relaxing entertainment. Suggestions include chick flicks, magazines, games, and shopping. All of the above should, of course, include abundant amounts of coffee and chocolate. Delegate as necessary.

    On our weekend, Beckie and Michelle prepared two delicious meals, Victoria created a relaxing ambiance with candles, music, and cozy blankets, Michelle brought up her espresso machine, Kirstin led us in some dancing with a Dance Dance Revolution game and I took pictures.

  7. anyone up for toast?

    If things begin to get dull, a small kitchen fire is proven to liven up the day.

  8. Be sure to include opportunities for outdoor activities. This is often best scheduled BEFORE the chocolate but AFTER the coffee, although professionals have been known to disagree.
  9. Jackie O

    Grab some fantastic sunglasses and hit the beach. I never had learnt how to read contact lens prescription, so I just bought some power sunglasses. Plus, I’ve found lenses to be hindersome, ironically.

    kirstin and michelle

    Kirstin and Michelle led the way on our Sunday morning hike.

  10. Remember this is a grown up getaway with no diapers to change, noses to wipe, sibling arguments to diffuse or kid meals to prepare. Revel in the luxury of an all adult weekend.

    Another alternative is to completely indulge your inner child.

  11. shall we swing

    Michelle and I hit the swings.


    Beckie tries out the zipline.

    tether ball

    It turns out Nancy is a KILLER tether ball player. I lasted about 2 minutes. Michelle fared a little better but the battle was fierce. The things you learn on a girls getaway are very interesting.

  12. Last but not least, take lots and lots of pictures. The blackmail, I mean blog fodder, alone is priceless. Use the self-timer liberally.
  13. getaway girls

Go and plan your own getaway weekends. There are many other tips at Rocks In My Dryer.


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13 thoughts on “WFMW – A Girls Weekend Away”

  1. Sounds like a GREAT weekend getaway! I’m not able to get away often, but I sure did enjoy my weekend in Seattle 2 weekends ago! Fun girlfriend time plus motivation to keep scrapbooking!

  2. This kind of writing is what keeps me coming back for more! “Should not be difficult as most people have birthdays…” LOVE IT.

    By the way, missy, you are looking awfully thin!! Good job!
    Sounds like a fabulous weekend. Why didn’t I think of DDR??? (Oh, because it would then be crystal clear how out of shape and uncoordinated I am.)

  3. Victoria taught me one other thing (you know, outside of the whole “you know what” topic…). You do NOT have to open your eyes as wide as possible while doing fishy face! Who knew??? So glad I got to be a part of this great time together!

  4. I love my times with my girlfriends. I do get “day” time away from them but it has been a few years since we have done a gettaway weekend. I need to plan one for next year! Love it!

  5. Great idea! I could desperately use one of these! Unfortunately I will need to wait until Sleeping Beauty is a little bit older. I’ll REALLY need one then.

    Glad you had a good time!

  6. Oh, what fun it WAS!!! Though this is the first I have heard of the little FIRE!!! I knew I should never have left you all alone- unchaperoned yet!

  7. This weekend was the best! Everyone was such a blessing! I vote for this every year. Beckie-the fire was much more exciting than the under the bed surprise I found. Notes to self: Always check under the bed, always move wires away from stove top, & hide all cameras from Kathy when making fish faces. I can’t wait to get to play and relax with you guys again. You were so much fun! Kathy, wow! You are such a talented and modest writer. Thanks again to everyone!

  8. Oh, this looks like lots of fun!! And you do look so slim in that picture. I was thinking maybe we need a Cabell reunion weekend somewhere, maybe in the Arizona/TX region. I’m always impressed, Kath, at how well you do keeping up with your husband, your kids, and friends.

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