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Last weekend I said goodbye to my darling husband, adorable children and set off for the big city. Since we live in the suburbs this doesn’t have quite the dramatic flair it could have, say if we still lived out in the country. Ah well, we take our flair where we can, exaggerated if necessary.

I wrote about my search for beauty during the weekend (found it in my feet, of course) but I never blogged about the homeschool conference itself. I thought it was obvious that the conference was just an excuse to go away for the weekend, enjoy some time with an old friend and shop, but I guess I should at least write a little bit about the conference.

I would certainly be remiss if I didn’t mention one particular individual I saw at the homeschool conference – Lee Binz. Lee is an amazing woman I first “met” through an online homeschool e-mail group. Last year we visited over coffee with another loopie, Cynthia. My family has learned to accept the fact that a good portion of my “friends” and homeschool buddies are known to me only through cyber space.

cindy, lee and kathy

I met Cynthia and Lee “in real life” at Starbucks June 2006. Nothing bonds a trio like legally addictive stimulants.

Lee homeschooled her two sons through high school, graduating them both last year. Since then she has developed a consulting business for families homeschooling high schoolers. She offers help with transcripts, scholarship search, general record keeping and assignment scheduling. Her website, The Home Scholar provides more information on these different services.

lee's table

Lee also has a wonderful blog and e-mail newsletter available. Her blog features links to articles, tips, product samples and more. I highly recommend grabbing a cup of coffee (or mocha smoothie) and spending some time reading Lee’s blog. You can even listen to a radio interview of Lee and her son from Seattle’s KGNW 820 AM.

Lee and her husband had a beautiful table at the conference. They probably had the most stylish and attractive display of any of the vendors. Featured at one corner was a drawing for a lovely (huge) gift basket. At another spot they had small give-aways for the children. Everything was coordinated, the colors bright and fresh. It was a delight to look over all of Lee’s materials and talk with her about her business.

Last summer Lee came to my house and directed a course on teaching math through games, using the book, Family Math. She was an accomplished teacher and did a wonderful job. She could easily have led us through another entire workshop. Perhaps next year she will be one of the speakers at the homeschool conference as well as one of the vendors.

lee and kathy

It was lovely to see you, Lee!

P.S. The rest of the conference was nice too. :)

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8 thoughts on “Homeschool Conference”

  1. My family has come to realize that it is what it is…. and most of my homeschool buddies used to be on-line as well. Now that we’re in the co-op I see local homeschool friends on a more regular basis (weekly), but I don’t talk to any of them daily like I do you guys (LOL)!

    Have you ever stayed the night at someone’s house you met on the internet and *BEFORE* you ever met them one time in person? That about did my family in. We stayed with Lisa from FL for a few days!

  2. Hi Lee! I am so glad we were able to connect at the conference. I could have just posted a picture or two, but really, what is the fun in that. Let’s go for full coverange. Ha!

    I’m stealing my blog time from sleep. I sleep less and less as I blog more and more. I’m not sure it’s a fair trade but there you have it.

  3. Cynthia – sort of strange that it’s the moms who are connecting via the internet. Sounds more like something teenagers would do. Ha! I’m so glad your co-op is going well. It sounds like a wonderful group.

    My husband often says, “you only THINK that’s what they are like or who they are” when I talk about my friends from the loop or other blogs. :) He’s suspicious. I can imagine my family would have been a bit freaked out to go and stay at a stranger’s house.

    Of course, I’ve invited all of Lisa’s family to come and live with us (something about games and food and fun) so I’m sure we’ll meet one day.

  4. I think it is wonderful when cyber friends can meet. That was pretty cool, Cynthia that you were able to spend a few days with Lisa.

    I have stayed with cyber friends, but not before we’ve met. I wouldn’t be nervous though if my hubby was there.

  5. Lee is a real blessing, isn’t she? I was amazed with the time that I’ve talked with her. She really helped me see that we are actually doing school.LOL

    Do you know that my dh never even batted an eye when I asked him if I could have Cindy’s family stay with us for a few days?LOL He said, sure.LOLOL It was fun too.


    Lisa in Jax

  6. I have SO wondered who Cynthia was. So very glad to see you, Cynthia, and connect the dots.

    Great homeschooling support, dear Katherine@@ Praise God, right@!

    Love you, AK

  7. I love meeting SHS friends in real life. After being on this list for at least 8 or 9 years . . . many of these ladies have become very close friends of mine even though we have never met!

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