Fairy Tale Lessons

Instead of attempting mighty feats of blogging creativity tonight, I believe I’ll introduce a guest blogger, my niece Rebecca. Rebecca currently resides in Norway with her family. She and Joshua spend much of their time exchanging amusing and clever stories through e-mail. I received permission to include this one on the blog.

Fairy Tales … the Moral of the Story
by Rebecca

I have noticed that fairy tales are rich with lessons and moral teaching. Here are just a few I’ve found over the years.

1) Don’t stay out late at parties. If you do plan to stay out late, be sure your shoes fit snugly.

2) Avoid Evil Knights. You will recognize them by a black charger, a huge black cape, lots of black armor, and a visage obscured in shadow. In fact, avoid shadowy visages in general.

3) Watch your manners around old crones, they are extremely touchy. When planning a celebration of any kind, extend an open invitation so no one will be neglected or offended.

4) Be nice to every animal you meet or you will come to a tragic and untimely end.

5) Don’t ever marry a widower. Step-mothers die painfully.

6) If a talking animal, beautiful princess, very old lady, gentleman in a long robe, or pauper tells you to do something (or not do something) OBEY THEM!


Okay, I’m listening. Keep going.

7) Always marry the youngest princess. The others are most likely trying to kill you.

8) Curiosity has killed many a cat and it probably will kill you too. On the other hand, if you are the youngest of three children, handsome, poor, despised by your family, and wandering aimlessly, be as curious as you like. Enter the first ruined castle you come to and your fortune will be made.

joshua's stick

Whatever the situation, it always helps to have a large club or stout walking stick on hand.

9) Wishes tend to back-fire. Keep it simple for yourself and whenever you have three wishes ask for a mop, a wooden bucket, and a keg of soap. You can’t go wrong with cleaning supplies and your mother will be pleased.

10) To overcome all of the trials in life you must be one of three things: extremely clever and able to think your way out of anything independently, extremely good and beautiful to attract a good fairy to help you, or so very stupid and clumsy that you are simply bound to stumble over the solution in time.

handsome princes

These two are good looking, clever and upright, I predict an excellent ending to their tale.

Those are some of the prominent morals that I have noticed, besides the obvious things like “stay on the path” and “don’t stick your finger on sharp spinning accessories”, and (of course) the tried-and-true “trust short people because they are either good fairies, good old ladies, or nice dwarves who have nothing better to do than help you in every way possible”.


princess sarah

Some of the baubles Princess Sarah has collected along her travels. Where is that Prince Charming?

Thank you, Rebecca, for joining us today. Next I hope we will get a look at Rebecca and Joshua’s analysis of evil lords and the wicked henchmen that follow them.


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9 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Lessons”

  1. Rebecca,
    that is hysterical!! I do hope you and Joshua ”get together” by e-mail and tell us all about your evil warlords and their henchmen and all their evil ways.

  2. Nice job, Rebecca. I think you summed up most fairy tales quite nicely! I enjoyed your guest appearance on the Duckabush blog.

  3. Cynthia – I don’t think she meant comfortable shoes but SNUG ones, as in they won’t fall off at the stroke of midnight. Of course, if the shoe had stayed on then it would have been much harder for Cinderella to have snagged her man so maybe that one isn’t a helpful lesson. Ha!

  4. And don’t forget- to leave the wardrobe door open!!

    Great blog, Rebecca. DO write again.

    Love, Aunt Kate

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