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WFMWOur family likes to laugh. I’d go so far as to say our family loves to laugh. We might even be addicted to laughter. It’s a sickness but we’re getting help. One source of help is a Christian comedian we recently discovered by the name of Tim Hawkins. He has several cds and dvds for sale on his website. We watched all the clips and then searched for more on and He has some hysterical songs online including, Things Not to Say to Your Wife, Kid Rock and Parents are People.

Disclaimer – humor is a personal expression and people differ on what they find amusing, appropriate and relevant. Tim Hawkins material is relatively family friendly and from a Christian source, but it is humor and therefore might benefit from previewing.

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10 thoughts on “WFMW – Laughter”

  1. We had Tim Hawkins come to our church a couple years ago. He was hysterical. Better is Hyundai, better is hyundai… My favorite was Things You Don’t Say to Your Wife. Shelby and Brynne sang it in a talent show in Mexico. Proud moments.

  2. Someone gave my husband tickets to see Tim Hawkins.
    We had never heard of him or had been to any comedy show.
    We loved it! We all laughed. My ten year old son could not stop laughing!

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