Frappe Freeze, Anyone?

Yes, it’s that time of year — the Annual Church Picnic!!

For some reason (historical smoothie scholars are not unified in their positions) our family maintains a tradition of serving blends, or smoothies, at the church picnic. Today was our third year of making mocha granitas and strawberry/lemonade blends for 400 to 500 people, or possibly 250 people, twice. However you do the math, we prepared between 400 and 450 drinks.

With our faithful blend assistants, Greg and Tina, now serving as missionaries in Thailand, we had to rely on family and a few random passers-by (Thanks Michelle and Terry!) to keep things moving efficiently. This year Rachel and Joshua moved out of the ‘carry supplies, hand out straws, and clean up the mess’ job positions and actually alternated the operation of one of our three Smoothie machines. It brings a proud tear to the eye to a smoothie-loving Mom or Dad, to pass along a love for blend-mixing to their progeny.

david sips away happily

David may be too young to run a blender, but he is an excellent taste-tester.

Some people get the tiniest bit excited about blends. We deliver them as fast as possible, but it’s hard to please everyone.

bethany and hannah

Bethany and Hannah are ready for their blends now! Or maybe it’s just time for the sack race to start. I get confused sometimes.

There’s nothing like a smoothie on a hot day to bring a smile to the face of a passing middle-schooler.

jacob and joshua

Notice the tight clenching of Joshua’s hand and his stiff smile. Smoothie-envy.

At our church picnic, young and old alike (not that I’m calling these two fine gentlemen “old”) enjoy cold fruit smoothies.

I wear my sunglasses...

I’m not calling them “young” either. :)

Of course, some people should stick to the fruit blends and skip the doubly-caffeinated mocha granitas (it makes them a little ‘jumpy’).

daniel jumps high

Daniel’s flying high …

Sarah and her friend, Tarah, wait patiently for their smoothies. That is, until the excitement overwhelms them.

sarah and tarahhooray for blends and friends

A few years ago Tim wrote an amusing and helpful blog about having a Blend Ministry. It contains the recipes for our two favorite smoothie flavors. Sadly, there isn’t a single picture (it was from his unenlightened ‘dark’ period of blogging) so be prepared to use your imagination.

This portion of Tim’s earlier blog entry made me laugh so I’m closing the post with a (rather lengthy) quote.

Sometimes people tease me about taking blending so seriously, especially when they see me packing in all my supplies, ice, ingredients and blenders (it is not unusual for me to fill the back of my little station wagon). “It’s just a blend, dude!” they will say (as if a smoothie were not an end in itself).

There are those smug seminarians who will try to tell you that smoothie-making is not really a spiritual gift. Some will decry the cost of the ingredients and will even mock the sacred “Smoothies Should Be Free” philosophy, as if blends and vulgar cash could mix. And of course, in every large crowd there will be Philistines who do not appreciate the subtle flavor of your best blend offering, who will callously leave full blends to melt forlornly on a picnic table.

Do not go gently into that smoothie-less dark night. Resist such nay-sayers and keep cranking out the blends. For every jealous sidewalk detractor there will spring up ten young disciples. Admittedly, some will probably fall by the wayside, and a few may settle for being pastors, evangelists and missionaries. But in the end a few hardy souls will persevere to the lofty height of Master Blender.

It is said that when the new city of Jerusalem is established, that a river will flow out from under the throne of God, along which will grow the tree of life. This tree will bear twelve distinct fruits according to the season. It all seems tailor-made to me … you have high-quality water and heavenly fruit; all that is lacking is ice.

I’m thinking that the position of God’s personal blend-maker is still open and I can set up shop along the side of the river. It reminds me of James and John, and how they asked to sit at the right and left of Jesus, when he comes into His glory. I hope the other blenders of the world don’t get mad at me. tje

Go forth and Blend!!

Project 365 – Day 217

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13 thoughts on “Frappe Freeze, Anyone?”

  1. I want to know why the two with smoothies in their hands are not smiling, while the one with a smoothie is looking rather amused? Did he taint those smoothies with some terrible tasting tonic? Hmmm…..makes me wonder.

  2. Nancy – they were either dealing with some serious Brain Freeze (always a possibility when you’re dealing with smoothies) or just going for the Oh So Cool look. You tell me. :)

  3. Oops, forgot to check that last entry, meant to say, “the one WITHOUT the smoothie is looking rather amused”. Is there something like spell check, but “what I meant to say” check??

  4. YUM. I want one right now- I’d take it with me in the car to St. Paul to be with Anna for the day. I’d like one with caffene for the ride!! A ministry to be sure. THANKS. AK

  5. I would love the recipe for the mocha granita. You can never have enough chocolate or caffeine!!

  6. OK, Scott above saying he’s a thirsty girl sounds weird. Apparently his name was in the comment box and I didn’t change it. Already his entry into the blogging world is messing me up!

  7. Hi thanks for the picture of me and Hannah! I won the race by the way, I DOMINATED!!!!! The smoothies were delicious!!!! Thank you Edgrens!!!!!!

  8. Oh, how low we have fallen to have settled for the mission field and abandoned our chance at being apprencticed to the Blend Master. :)
    There are few things as satisfying as seeing the face of a blend recipient sipping contentedly on a perfectly mixed blend, sighing with contentment. Well, perhaps it is proper that Joshua and Rachel have the opportunity to step in and get their hands sticky now that we are not there to selfishly hoard the position of blend apprentice. :)
    Maybe my burgeoning Baking Ministry can in some small way subsititute! In a land where many people do not have ovens, and if they do, rarely use them, my love of baking treats has come in handy in developing and maintaining relationship! How great that God uses our passions in where He has us serving Him.
    A fellow treat giver

  9. LOL I remember reading the original post….and being impressed THEN…but you are still doing it….this is really a great idea. I made smoothies once for a group and was told that they were too “fruity”….but then I wasn’t using a cool recipe…..I think I could try this again….

  10. We LOVE smoothies here! My favorite recipe is…

    1 banana
    1 cup frozen strawberries
    1/2 cup vanilla yogurt
    1/2 cup milk
    1 tbsp sugar
    2 tbsp nonfat powdered milk

    Blend and enjoy! YUM!


    lisa in Jax

  11. You guys CRACK ME UP! Who knew one could have such a spiritual conversation about smoothies (LOL)!

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