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Last week I shared a few of my favorite homeschooling books and programs. This Wednesday I thought it might be interesting to begin a discussion on devotional Bible books for children. I am a true bibliophile or bookworm and have an insatiable thirst for new books, novels, textbooks, tomes, and other works of fiction or non-fiction. I’ve never met a book sale or book store that didn’t call my name, usually loudly. Our family is continually on the search for inspiring and character/life changing devotionals. Over the years we have filled our shelves with excellent reading material.

When I showed my tall stack of books for today’s post to Tim, his eyes widened and he suggested, oh so gently, that I cull my list a bit. Gasp! How could I possibly do such a thing. As it is, I’m sure I am going to forget a precious gem, a beloved favorite, a truly powerful and influential devotional. How could I possibly leave one out??

Hearing a comment like that really makes you wonder what kind of person you married. Sigh.

Never fear, instead of scaling the collection of reviews back, I decided to break the blog into pieces. I’d hate to bore anyone to pieces with paragraphs and paragraphs of book discussion any more than I want to ignore a beloved devotional. Come back during the week for additional conversation.

I sincerely hope you find some new treasures in our collection as well as recognize a few old friends. Please, please, please leave a comment with the names of some of your own personal favorites. I still have room on my shelves for more books. :)

Bible Devotionals for Younger Children

David (age 6 1/2), Sarah (age 5), and I are currently working our way through The Children’s Every Day Bible illustrated by Anna C. Leplar. The stories are succinct, colorful and aimed for kindergarten to 4th grade.

After we read our Bible story for the day (or multiple stories, if we are, ahem, behind) we turn to a devotional book. There are several little books we enjoy throughout the week. Right now are just about finished with My ABC Bible Verses – Hiding God’s Word in Little Hearts by Susan Hunt. Each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding verse. The verse is explained in easy to understand language and then followed by a sweet story about siblings, Missy and Bill. The lessons are only two pages, and conclude with questions about the verse, a simple prayer and instructions to repeat the day’s verse and review earlier verses. I love watching David and Sarah absorb scripture and learn more about God’s Word.

some favorites

Kids-Life Devotions is an old and much-loved favorite. Joshua, Rachel and I read these stories when they were toddlers, pulling the little book off the shelf over and over the until the binding and cover were completely worn out. I was thrilled to find a copy of the book in a store here in Washington and snapped it up as fast as I could. The illustrations are creative and varied, each story has its own look and feel.

Jesus - my very best friend

This is one of David’s favorite tales.

There are many amusing children’s books that we have read and re-read over the years that reinforce godly character through their entertaining tales. The Adam Raccoon series by Glen Keane have delighted the children since Joshua was a young boy. Of course, Tim’s mother has written her own raccoon tale so we have a soft spot for raccoons in this family. Or at least books ABOUT raccoons.

The Building Christian Character series by Michael P. Waite are hysterical books, teaching lessons through silly stories and rhyme. Joshua has several lines memorized from these books as he is often called upon to read to the younger children.

silly tales in iambic pentameter

sarah's favorite

Handy-Dandy Helpful Hal, the Pooped-Out Parents’ Perfect Pal.

A recent discovery that has all the kids begging for more, is Gid the Kid and the Black Bean Bandits. I found this wonderful, entertaining treat at last month’s homeschool conference. The authors’ mother was one of the speakers. I immediately fell in love with this brilliant story, placing Gideon (Judges 6-8) in the old west. The authors and illustrators, brothers Christopher and Allan Miller, incorporated 3D computer graphics into their story-telling. The result is a fresh, vivid and appealing book. I promptly bought a copy for our family as well as one for my mother in law. I wish I had been able to afford more as this would make an excellent gift. Gid the Kid is book one in the Heroes of Promise series. We are all eagerly awaiting the next book.

david the kid

At least three of the children picked this book out of my big stack of ‘books to be reviewed’ as their personal favorite.

Stop by again for other devotional favorites and please do share some of your family’s cherished titles.

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13 thoughts on “WFMW–Bible Devotional Favorites”

  1. What??? Too many books??? Simply not possible! I love your list and printed it out for reference as I will be starting my first year of kindergarten home-school with my daughter next year. I was really excited to see the ABC Bible verses book! When I was growing up, The Bible Memory Association had an ABC Bible verses book that I have tried in vain to locate a copy of. My daughter is just the right age for it and I am thrilled to learn of a possible substitute – many thanks! I think I will look up the Michael P. Waite books soon too – they look like fun : )

    Great list – tell your husband I said it was too short : )

  2. I bookmarked this entry. I like to keep devotional spiritual, interesting, but also fun. These books seem like they would work for that.

    Thanks for the suggestions. We also like the Children’s Book of Virtues.

  3. See, I knew there was another person out there who agreed you can never have enough books. My dad has shelves in every possible nook and cranny of his house. I certainly come by it naturally as does dh, his parents are also avid readers.

    Thankfully IKEA isn’t too far away and has an never-ending supply of bookshelves. Ha!

    Corrie – we also thoroughly enjoy the Children’s Book of Virtues. I recently picked up the original version for my oldest. Great collection of stories.

    Can’t wait to hear some other favorites.

  4. We have loved SO much the “Seeds” CDs you recommended that I will definitely pick up a few of these books also!

  5. I can relate to the bookstores calling my name….oh, how I can relate.

    I don’t have any little ones anymore, but it seems like they drag out those old easy reader Bibles ‘just for fun’ ya know? I love that. It’s like a security blanket thing…..just no more thumb sucking…please.

  6. Cindy – thanks for sharing a title. I’m going to head off and check it out.

    Linda – I’m delighted to hear your family is enjoying the Seeds for Kids cd’s. We continue to think they are wonderful. Huge positive influence in our lives. :)

  7. I love the “Girls Guide To” series…there’s a bunch of them!!! They are for mmm, 8 to 12 year olds maybe a bit younger to a bit older even….

  8. What a GREAT List! I see a few on here that I don’t have… I better make a list and head to the bookstore!

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