Barely even a blog

When you find yourself crafting opening blogging sentences throughout the day, you know it is a sign that blogging has become a serious hobby. I don’t know if that is efficient or obsessed. Hey, that might be an interesting poll.

Kathy and Tim are:
1) Efficient bloggers
2) Totally obsessed bloggers who need to get a life
3) My blogging heroes
4) Who are Kathy and Tim?

Maybe we’ll save that poll for another time. It turns out I actually do need sleep to function well as a homeschooling teacher and mother of five children. Over the summer I could stay up late blogging and reading, sleeping in each morning. With a full homeschooling schedule, that ISN’T a healthy life plan.

All of which to say, I’m not going to blog tonight. No, I’m not. I’m going straight to bed. Someone else can take over the insightful, amusing, creative blogging for today. I’ll leave you with a picture of my younger two cutie pies and a link.

two silly kids

David and Sarah pose for pictures – this is their “serious” look.

A homeschooling friend recommended Crosswalk as a source of Christian online music. They have 10 music “channels” with everything from hymns, rock, kids and praise music. Crosswalk requires you register to enter the site but there is no cost and the music selection is incredible. As a serious variety chick (always interested in new and fresh music), I love having a new source of music available at my internet/fingertips. I mean, just now I got to hear a rocking version of the Veggie Tales theme song by Rebecca St. James. Wow! Have you heard that one? It’s wild. :)

P.S. Oh dear, even when I’m not blogging, I end up using up more than my share of the blogging web space. NIGHT!!

Project 365 – Day 270

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9 thoughts on “Barely even a blog”

  1. Nite nite, dear Katherine. I support your getting sleep.

    Do I support your NOT blogging. Actually NO. I love your blogs. Ha.

    Love you, Aunt Kate

  2. 4) who are Kathy and Tim?

    (just kidding)

    David likes Crosswalk. I only listen to music in the car on those old fashioned things called CDs. And I also load and unload them.

  3. G’night!!! Oh and that song is off Veggie Rocks! Which is an AWESOME album!!! I’d highly recommend it…it has The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything on it by Relient K AND if you are so inclined you can go to their website and hear some of it I think… hehehe!!

  4. I’m having trouble with that going to bed early getting up early part. Although I certainly want to support your homeschooling, I would be very sad to see you blogging less!

  5. I find myself thinking of topics to blog about as well! LOL Usually the best ideas pop into my head as I am going to bed then I forget by morning. Aaarrggghhhh!

  6. I have about 4 dozen blog entries started and not finished… I just don’t have much time for blogging these days now that school has started.. and I really didn’t have much time for it this summer either with all of the projects we were working on… someday?

  7. Yeah, I have the CD Veggie Rocks! the best song on it
    is The Pirates who don’t do anything By Relient K! the best band
    in the world! and the next new Veggie tales movie coming out
    is going to be The Pirates who don’t do anything!

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