“I Always Have Something to Say”

So says my beloved, 11 year old daughter. No doubt she could write today’s blog in her sleep if I would just do the typing for her. :)

rachel shivers

Here Rachel is saying, “I’m cold, stop taking my picture and get me a sweatshirt.

I’m hungry but it’s close to bedtime and I’m trying to be careful not to eat late at night. I had a lovely cup of tea but somehow it wasn’t quite as tasty as the huge bowl of popcorn Tim and the children devoured. Go figure.

pass the bowl

We watched The Ultimate Gift this evening. It was a moving tale about a spoiled young man who receives 12 gifts from his deceased grandfather. Each gift (or task) is designed to teach him a lesson about life. There are some intense scenes of peril in the second half but our entire family enjoyed the movie.

movie of the night

The Ultimate Gift certainly made me wonder if I am teaching my children the lessons illustrated in the movie – the gift of work, true friendship, the value of money, how to help others, etc. It is so refreshing to find movies the entire family can watch together.

Project 365 – Day 271

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8 thoughts on ““I Always Have Something to Say””

  1. A local home school dad was involved in producing this film. I haven’t yet seen it, but hear that it is fantastic. Thank you for sharing your review. I’m going to put it in our rental line-up.

  2. Kathy, I just saw this movie advertised in a flyer from our local Christian bookstore and thought it might be good…thanks for the review. I’ve been trying to pick up movies the whole family can watch. We are sort an action/adventure type family, but these aren’t great for the Littles!

  3. Glad to read the review on the movie. I have it on my wish list at CBD simply because it sounded good. Glad to know it is! :-)

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