P365 – Day 49 Noah’s Terrible Journey

There is a blessing that comes from growing up with three brothers – you have years of understanding that can only come through experience. Boys = wrestling, fighting, admiration of strange bodily noises and odors, explosions of all kinds, insects, speed based food eating contests, expectoration, wild driving (from tricycles, scooters, and bikes to mopeds, motorcycles and cars) and so on.

I distinctly remember my mother saying (more than once), “If you boys are going to kill each other go downstairs so I can make dinner.”

I have been amazed to hear the strangest things come out of my own mouth.

“In this family we do NOT sit on the top of the bed and spit down into the bottom bunk.”
“No, you may not use a screw driver to cut down a tree.”
“Next time take off your rollerblades before you ride your bike down the driveway.”
No, you may not take apart that chair, I’m sitting on it.”
“How much blood are we talking about?”
“Put your brother’s gun down.”
“Put your brother down.”
“Put me down.”

I could go on but my eye begins to twitch just remembering some of these ‘hearty’ boy encounters. People often talk about their children needing therapy when they grow up – I think it’s mothers of boys who will be lounging on the dr’s leather couch one day. Of course, who needs the doctor, I’d be content just to have some time (uninterrupted, PLEASE!) on a comfy couch. But I digress.

Time ater time I have thanked the Lord for giving me brothers. Without them I would surely think my sons are crazy, sick, abnormal creatures who should be rushed to the doctor. Why would you pop the head off of innocent looking dolls? Why would you sharpen a branch into a pointed weapon and immediately charge upon your beloved brother? Why would you turn a simple chore of putting away silverware into an imaginary duel between knives and forks? Why would you want to send Noah flying to the sky?

Oh, that brings me to Sunday’s post.

For his birthday Joshua bought David an Air Hogs Scream’n Stream’n Rocket from Target. The kids had all sorts of fun going outside and shooting off the rockets. It works great – the rockets fly high into the air.

Boys also = running, screaming, shouting, and shooting. Explosions, again, are always key.

We had a very full Sunday, ending in Bible study at our house. The kids behaved beautifully – they played nicely (and quietly) in the garage while we watched our Love and Respect dvd. Afterwards one family stayed late and joined us for dinner and games. The grownups played cards.

tim wins

Tim humbly points out his winning score.

The girls played upstairs. Joshua set up a huge battlefield for David.

soldiersjoshua's soldiers

At some point in the evening, as the hour grew late and the children squirelly, Joshua and David, in a bond of bizarre brotherhood, decided to study scripture (this being the sabbath and all). The passage they chose was from Genesis 6.

God saw how corrupt the earth had become, for all the people on earth had corrupted their ways. So God said to Noah, “I am going to put an end to all people, for the earth is filled with violence because of them. I am surely going to destroy both them and the earth.

Teaching through illustration and acting is often a very powerful tool and one we encourage in our family. Joshua, being the wise and mature older brother, came up with an idea of how to help David more fully understand these verses in Genesis.

noah's doom

Apparently the practices of these people were even more debased and bloodthirsty then we suspected.

David (no doubt unwillingly) agreed to play the part of some of Noah’s tormentors.

david posed to shoot

Noah, I’m afraid these are terrible times.

noah flies

After such troubles some quiet, peaceful time on an ark full of animals doesn’t sound so bad.


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7 thoughts on “P365 – Day 49 Noah’s Terrible Journey”

  1. Kathy, this is priceless! I was just telling dh today that with all the craziness of boys, I so enjoy them…maybe because I grew up in a house full of boys…they always seem to have so much fun!

  2. Debbie–yes, we should probably start a support group for those of us who have survived a childhood with brothers and boy cousins. I neglected to mention, on the blog, that I was the only girl out of all the grandchildren on my mother’s side. That made for some interesting summer vacations. “Hey, Kathy, want to ride the four wheeler or work on the tree house?” “Um, dolls anyone?”

  3. Kathy,
    Your statement “Put me down” made me laugh. All of my boys have thought it was fun to pick Mommy up and move her. Considering they are all almost 6′ or taller now, it has become “Don’t break Mommy”!

  4. I don’t think that is a MonkeyBusiness rocket. Watch out!!

    I loved the blog about boys. I so remember calling my mom and asking her WHY our sons were jumping off the garage roof. She said- because! HAHA.

    Love you, Aunt Kate

  5. Michele–they certainly like to show off their strength, don’t they. I love that line “don’t break Mommy!” I’m going to have to remember that one. Ha!

  6. Sorry, Aunt Kate, it’s NOT a MonkeyBusiness rocket. In my defense, I wasn’t the one doing the shopping so I couldn’t help what Tim and the kids brought home. Also I think Mom and I bought all of the different products our local Target carries of MonkeyBusiness. We’ll have to find some other stores nearby with more toys.

    Note to all–Monkey Business Sports is my cousin’s toy company. Gotta keep it in the family when you can. :)

  7. You’ve taught them well (LOL)…. speaking of learning styles here and how to reinforce what’s learned… act it out, of course!

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