A Man of Many Talents

Not only is he a chef par excellence, but Joshua is also a party planner extraordinaire. Perhaps there is something inherently flamboyant about a large family, but ours certainly loves parties and the opportunity for a fun gathering. Birthdays are always a festive occasion at our house. Cheerfully the children have all embraced the joy of celebrations. Joshua, as the oldest, has long been assisting me with birthday parties – everything from planning menus, hanging decorations and organizing games.

the children gather

The party opens with bright skies and sunshine.

Today was no exception. I couldn’t have hosted Daniel’s birthday party without tremendous help from Rachel and Joshua. Rachel was my assistant in the kitchen – baking cookies, wrapping treats, filling goodie bags, and making ice cream/pudding parfaits. Joshua developed and executed a massive treasure hunt – complete with buried treasure bags in the back yard. This book was his inspiration.

treasure hunts galore

I found this “treasure” at a used curriculum sale last spring.

Daniel had eleven guests at his party which made for a lively crew. Throw in a few siblings and the number of children running about the house was seventeen. Last week, of course, it was 80 sunny.

Today – it snowed.
In April.

No matter, Joshua (the game/slave master) had the kids out in the hail and rain racing about looking for clues.

get outside and start shoveling

don't worry about the hail and snow

What’s a little rain and snow if there’s treasures to be sought?

One of the clues was buried underneath Rice Krispy Treats covered with pudding “slop” (leftover from our fancy dinner on Thursday). Joshua was gracious enough to give the kids spoons – only one was brave enough to dive in without using any utensils.

let's eat!

After the treasure hunt (nearly an hour and a half long), Joshua handed the party over to me and retreated to his room. Hosting a birthday party is exhausting.

push up time

Every good birthday party includes push-ups. Very trendy these days.

Exhausting – tell me about it. I still had another hour and a half of time to fill before the parents returned. Crafts, gifts, dessert and a portion of a movie and then I could go hide in my room as well. Ha!

Happy Birthday, Daniel!
Thank you, Rachel and Joshua for helping with the party, and Tim for taking pictures! It is such a joy to watch the older children give of their time and energy to their younger siblings.

Project 366 – Day 110

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3 thoughts on “A Man of Many Talents”

  1. Wonderful party and pictures and participants!!

    Yea Joshua. Yea Rachel. Yea Birthday Boy Daniel.

    And yea MOM and DAD.

    I love you each. Aunt Kate

  2. what fun! what’s up with the weather? we had snow, hail and a little rain yesterday. thanks for sending the storm our way–hee hee

    love the treasure hunt idea! and you’ve got a party planner/caterer in the making in Joshua.

    gail in idaho

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