Chef Joshua

This year Joshua took a class at our homeschool co-op entitled For Boys Only. They have studied finances, banking, insurance, renting policies, and COOKING.

come for dinner

This evening our family was the grateful recipients of Joshua’s final project.

Dinner for Seven hosted by Joshua

Chicken Bake Appetizers
Fresh Veggie Crudities
Yogurt Fruit Salad
Homemade Rolls (Mesa Manna recipe)
Juice Spritzer Punch
Baked Potatoes w/sour cream, shredded cheese, and turkey bacon
Steamed Broccoli
Salad w/toppings
Grilled Steaks
Layered pudding dessert as the finale

drinks anyone?

Joshua worked for hours preparing the meal. He planned the menu, organized the recipes, and did the shopping. He even used existing groceries rather than spend too much at the store. It was truly a culinary gift to the whole family. He set the table in fine style and helped (through his exhaustion) with the clean up.


I’ll have to share his chicken bake and layered pudding recipes because they were quite the hit with the family.

hooray for Joshua

Thank you, Joshua, for the amazing meal.

Project 366 – Day 107

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15 thoughts on “Chef Joshua”

  1. Wow! Can he bring recipes with him next month? Just kidding. It’s supposed to be vacation for him. Very colorful and impressive, Joshua!

  2. Joshua! You are hired! I am hungry looking at that wondeful meal you prepared for your family. MMMMM.

    But aren’t the sous chefs supposed to do the clean up for you? Hard to get good help these days, isn’t it?

    Good job on the food, presentation and choosing good company.

  3. WOW. How gorgeous the table and food look. I want the pudding recipe. I LOVE custards of any kind.

    Joshua really has a knack and an interest in cooking, doesn’t he. How cool is that!!

    I love you. Aunt Kate

  4. Way to go Joshua! Not only will you be able to feed yourself in college, but you’ll also someday impress a girl with your ability to cook!

    And maybe you can organize your brothers and sisters every once in a while to give your mom a break from dinner… she deserves it.

    I’m impressed that you made homemade rolls. That was something I didn’t tackle until I was almost 30 because it intimidated me.

  5. As a man who likes to cook, I’m very impressed with this meal.
    That looks like a lot to prepare all in one meal. How many days did it take?

  6. congrats joshua! looked like a wonderful meal. i’m sure my invite got lost in the mail!

    what a great coop class for boys. i wish my hubby and i had been able to take a class like that when we were in school, oh that’s right, our mom’s didn’t homeschool us. RATS!

    tim and kathy, i bet that was so relaxing to have the night off from cooking and cleanup. i’m sure you’re very proud of your boy.

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