WFMW – A Smattering of Thoughts

wfmwThe sun has arrived in Washington state and with it a hint of summer. As a relaxed (you could call us disorganized and unscheduled but it wouldn’t be nice) homeschooling family we often need to continue our schooling through the summer months. For the most part this works out well. The children do some school in the morning and we enjoy some of the beautiful sights of Washington in the afternoon.

Sarah at the park

Sarah loves the park.

A few random things that work for us:

Put to good use the children who are living in your home – this may seem obvious but it lately my boys have taken on more outdoor responsibilities. They can mow lawns, trim shrubs, and just generally help with lawn maintenance. The whole family (sans Tim who was working in the city, very conveniently I might add) helped with the housework. They vacuumed carpets, scrubbed out the shower (including a soiled, okay moldy, shower curtain), put away toys, washed dishes, sorted laundry, and swept floors.

david and daniel

Sometimes the boys fight over chores. Winner takes his pick of jobs!

Enjoy the occasional take-out – We are on a strict budget and rarely go out for dinner or bring home take-out, however, there is nothing quite like dinner prepared by Papa Murphy. We have family visiting from Norway and they said they simply couldn’t return without feasting on some yummy pizza. Suddenly I had the afternoon free. No dinner to prepare, the children were busy playing outside and working on the hedges, I managed to clean and organize the laundry room. It was lovely!

timothy and joshua

The boys enjoy a little football after dinner.

Read, read, read aloud to your children – We are definitely a family of readers. The dire threat last week, when the children went to visit grandparents, was that they could only bring (gasp) ONE book. Shocking. This summer Daniel and I are enjoying Mr. Tucket by Gary Paulsen in addition to some of his school books. David, Sarah and I are working our way through the Sonlight Kindergarten collection. Rachel is reading Pride and Prejudice aloud to me, after which I conclude up with a chapter of Before You Meet Prince Charming.

rachel smiles

My beautiful princess!

Reading adds depth and richness to our family and is one of our greatest joys.

This is just a very random collection of some things that Work for Our Family. Pop over to Rocks in My Dryer for other Works for Me Wednesday tips.

Project 366 – Day 176

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9 thoughts on “WFMW – A Smattering of Thoughts”

  1. Lovely pictures. I’m fond of that princess in your house! and the others. Why are the Norway Edgrens around? FUN.

    I love you kids. Aunt Kate

  2. Ooh, a Brother Sighting. Thank you, Aunt Koffee, for that!

    Glad to hear you and Rachel seem to be enjoying “Before You Meet Prince Charming.” I must confess the cartoons were my favorite part, but it is well written also. Wonderful to hear that you guys are going through P&P, too.

  3. I am going to check out your book “Before You Meet Prince Charming”…sounds interesting! Loved to see pictures of the Norway Edgrens although I must ask…where’s Liz? I can’t believe that Joshua is as tall as Timothy! Oh my goodness! Where has the time gone???

  4. How I have missed your smattering of thoughts of late. Funny how just reading your written words can make me feel connected. Sure have missed ‘talking’ with you online. We finally got a connection today and eek, alot of emails pile up when you do not check them for over two weeks!
    How are you liking the Before Prince Charming Book? I have not started it yet with the girls, I knew we would not have any consistent time for a while, and am saving it until we get back.
    Loved the pics of the boy cousins obviously enjoying each other.

    Have to read back now and see what I have missed on the Edgren front!

  5. Great tips! I’m looking forward to the day when our boys will be able to help around the house, too. In fact, one of our twins asked the other day if he could mow the lawn. Since he’s not yet four, we said no, but someday he could. You should have seen the excited grin on his face! I should have taken a picture to remind him of that joy in a few years when that’s one of his chores. :)

  6. Just remember to remind Daniel that some of us are deseasing over here in Norway, longing for a good wrestle with a freind. Any chance of a quick fly over there? It would have much less limited shopping oppurtunities. Plus, tell my mom to try smuggling about ten baker’s dozen real, honest-to-goodness American donuts. Try keeping us posted on the Refuge’s progress.

  7. Rebecca – glad we could share a brother-glimpse photo with you. I didn’t take nearly enough but there’s only so much camera snapping the older boys will allow. I don’t know how you all managed to take so many pictures in Norway.

  8. Tina and Posie – the Prince Charming book is definitely worth getting! It’s great. Even if you don’t agree with everything the author proposes (and she definitely disagrees with dating as a positive concept), it opens up all sorts of opportunities for fantastic conversations. I’m all for reading it aloud together.

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