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wfmwToday is the first day of our new budget!! Weaning off credit, paying down debt, and, gasp, saving money.

April Fools Day obviously suits us perfectly as the start of something so revolutionary and life changing.

And, in keeping with His great mercy, the Lord has already blessed our efforts. I ran into a friend last week whose daughter is studying at the Redken Hair Academy.

rachel's hair

Time to cut Rachel’s hair.

I cut all the boys’ hair in the family so we save money in that department (thankfully none of them, including Tim, are particular about their hair). The girls, however, are a different story. The expectations for us to look beautiful are higher. It’s a burden we’re willing to bear, with grace of course. Rachel and Sarah both have long hair and only need the occasional trim. I tend to splurge on the rare, but expensive, cut and color.

rachel's turn

Have I mentioned recently how lovely it is to have daughters?

What are the beauty academy prices, you ask? Well, let me share with you:

Hair Cuts – $9
Children’s Cuts – $5
Highlights – $29

Those fees are amazing!! I immediately made an appointment for both Rachel and myself. I figured if the haircut turned out well, I could go back for highlights.

keeping the length

Nothing like a fresh cut to improve the day.

Rachel and I were tickled with the ambiance and setting of the hair institute. The academy was professional and tasteful in decor and atmosphere. It felt more like a busy, fashionable salon than a school. Krista did a beautiful job. She was confident and friendly, taking care to listen to our requests and talk through different hair style possibilities. At each step an instructor came by to monitor and approve the work. Rachel and I were thrilled with our extremely affordable and gorgeous new looks. Krista even gave us a tip on the styling brush she used – $7 at Sally Beauty Supplies.

gorgeous girl!

Rachel’s new style is fresh and funky.

Redken Professional Academy definitely works for us! Stop by Rocks in My Dryer for other links, tips and ideas.

Project 366 – Day 92

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12 thoughts on “WFMW – Hair Cuts”

  1. You both look beautiful! Rachel’s style look so grown up and pretty…Kathy, yours look so fun and light. Wow…we have fairly inexpensive cuts here because of the economy and I’m loving the prices, but those prices are great!

  2. Kathy…you look BEAUTIFUL and you’re smiling….WITH TEETH!! LOVELY! :)

    Rachel….what an adorable haircut! You look soooo stylish! :)

    Love you girls!!!!

  3. Cool! Especially compared to the $70 price tag on my “discounted” shampoo, cut & style on the base here! (Only $40 for Mark and the boys to get their basic guy’s cut, though.)You both look lovely! Rachel’s all set for her European adventure!

  4. Ooh la la Rachel,
    Your new cut is so becoming! We all love it! How brave of you to go for a style and fun hairdo. Is it still easy in the morning? Just brush and go?
    Love seeing pictures of you!

  5. Beautiful ladies!! Good job of finding economical cuts!!

    WHEN will short hair be in style again????? I miss it on the young’ns. Our Rachael and Anna like long hair, too. I shall try to keep quiet about my preference. It’s NOT eternal.

    Love you lots, Aunt Kate

  6. I’ve usually had this work out well too. In Colorado Springs, I drove quite a way to a Toni & Guy training salon–where for a $14 cut/style by a “senior,” I was always happier than the +$50 cuts I’d had. Even when Robert gave me a gift certificate for the real T&G salon, the only difference was that the guy took about 1/4 of the time.

    When we moved here, I googled and found a fancy salon with an in-house training program. It’s a little more expensive ($20), but my hair is SO hard to cut, and if I were paying full price, it’d still be 3x more for the same quality cut.

    I always wanted to have my hair colored/highlighted there, but the killer is the TIME more than the cost!

    One of the few bad haircuts was when Holly took a picture of HERSELF and asked for her bangs to be cut long just they way they were in her picture–and the girl butchered her. Poor Holly! I always figured it’d be more likely to happen to me, asking to have Jessica Simpson’s hair, lol.

  7. love the new cuts. kathy, you have a great smile and great eyes. good for you on starting your savings, debt reduction.

  8. Oh, and I forgot to tell you… I have something for you and Tim in my April 1st post… and no… it’s not a joke. It’s the real deal ;)

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