My Latest Addiction

No, it’s not coffee or chocolate.

Those are old friends.

It’s journaling. More specifically, Prayer Journaling. As much as I adore my computer time – connecting with friends and family through email and blogs – there is something special about writing by hand. My shelves are full of journals of all sizes and shapes. Almost every Christmas and birthday, Tim presents me with a new journal. He often includes a package of fresh pens.

One of my love languages is definitely gifts. I’m not too proud to admit it.

I take sermon notes in journals, write out to do lists, jot down thoughts on the week, and fill the pages with silly reminiscing about my day.

Lately, though, my heart has hungered for time with the Lord. My Beth Moore study on Daniel has been wonderful – meaty, challenging and convicting – but through it all I’ve been longing for something more. Two weeks ago I picked up a pink journal Tim gave me for Christmas and began to write. I decided NOT to fill it with the usual chatter, but to pour out my heart to the Lord.

Within those pages He has spoken to me.

My day, my troubles, my children’s struggles – each one is lifted before the Lord. My heart and pen cries out to Him. I remind Him of His promises and His faithfulness. I beg for wisdom and guidance. I thank Him for His goodness. I repent from my waywardness.

And He forgives. He answers. He blesses me.

Yesterday I wrote and wrote for pages. Daniel was sitting beside me working on his own Bible study. “Why are you writing so much, Mom?” he asked me. I didn’t answer for a minute, my mind still intent on the pleas of my spirit. “I’m praying, Buddy. I guess I have a lot to share with the Lord this morning.” “Hmmm.” He seemed satisfied with my response and went back to his studies.

Back to my journal, I begged the Lord to speak to Daniel and work powerfully in his life.

Do you journal? For those of you who homeschool, do you encourage your children to journal regularly? I have a dear friend in VA whose children write in their personal notebooks every day. I love that idea but haven’t been successful in putting it into practice on a consistent basis.

Prayer Journaling has become a sweet time of fellowship with the Lord. I’m so thankful for a real relationship with my Savior. It’s an addiction I’m willing to indulge.


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10 thoughts on “My Latest Addiction”

  1. Your tender and open heart are an example and inspiration, Kathy. Thank you for being honest and sharing so much of yourself in these blogs. I’m sure the Lord will satisfy such a longing for Him, and indulge you with many, many sweet moments of companionship with Himself.

  2. Great. Thanks for the reminder of journaling. And the addition of ‘prayer’ journaling. I also love your idea of taking a journal to church for sermon notes. I take notes on the paper provided at church- but then throw them away. Too much work to type them into a journal area on my computer. I love the IDEA of doing that, but am not consistent.
    THANKS for sharing your heart and how your heart is reaching out for the Lord. I love you, dear niece. AK

  3. The time I am consistent about prayer journaling are the times my walk is the sweetest, most intimate. So WHY don’t I do it all the time??

  4. What a great post today. I am in no way consistent, but I do really enjoying writing out my prayers. Something to get back in to! Interestingly enough – hmmm, perhaps God is simply trying to speak to me here! – but we had a guest speaker at church this week – one of the elders. He spoke about putting time each day – in the morning no less! – when one should talk directly to the Lord for their needs – to be specific & to start each day with prayer. It really spoke to me. And here we have more on prayer. Thanks for sharing, Kathy.

  5. I have lots of old fabric flowered covered journals of this kind. At some point during motherhood I put the pen down which is sad to me.

    Thanks for the encouragement that it is possible to write in a prayer journal when surrounded by busy life at home.

  6. I used to journal quite a bit, both praying and recording our family’s day. I picked up my most recent journal and it has been 5 years since I last wrote consistently! Time flies.

    My problem with recording prayers is I’m uncomfortable with someone else reading them, which could happen if someone innocently picks up the book. So they mostly remain in my head, especially now that I have 3 children who can read.

    I do enjoy it journaling, though, and I have also had God speak to me through the writing. He communicates to us in the ways that we can best understand. What a blessing!


  7. I journal and have ever since I was a young teenager. It’s a great way for me to work through what I’ve been learning. It’s a way for me to talk about the day’s frusterations, etc. without gossiping or complaining (though I realize the attitude is also sinful…the Lord often convicts me as I’m writing).

    I only write out prayers when I’m at my lowest points. I probably could stand to do it more often, as it helps turn amorphous thoughts into concrete words.

  8. I journaled a lot last year – blog and paper…..but then I began the 90 day regime and didn’t have time to do the paper journal. I’m looking forward to April for the very reason that I’m going to spend a bit less time reading the Word and a bit more time in prayer and journaling… that bad? I’m not sure I’m still working for a balance.

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