Park Pics

It’s late and I need to go to bed. We have a lot planned for tomorrow and a good night’s sleep would be a really nice way to start the day. Hmmm. Where are all my fellow night owls to make me feel better? I know you’re out there. In fact, you’re probably online right this minute reading blogs or sitting in bed catching up on your novel. Some are playing computer games or doing laundry.

The sun was out again today. Happy day! Daniel began the campaign for a park visit early in the morning.

take me to the park

There’s no stopping Daniel when he’s on a mission.

“I think we should call the R’s and the K’s and go to the park with them today, Mom. What do you think?”

Me, totally distracted by math lessons, muffin baking and other sundry chores, responded with a grunt.

girls are ready to play

Caedie, Jaalah, and Sarah were eager for a game of tag.

Daniel, not in the least bit dismayed at my lack of commitment, continued on, “So how about 2:30 pm? That will give us time to finish school, right?”

Again, no confirmation from the momster.

don't mess with this guy

Eli was up for a play date. Fiercely so!

Rachel chimed in with talk of exercise. “Mom, I really need to get in a workout today and the park would be just perfect.”

Next thing I knew it was mid-afternoon and Daniel was emailing one family on the kids’ computer and the other on my computer. He lined up our play dates, whipped through his school books, and hurried the family along.

I'm bored

David was upset that the game of tag ended abruptly and managed to prove that one can be “bored” and grumpy even on a lovely park outing.

Well, what’s a girl to do? I finalized the plans, curled my hair (still working with the new ‘do), threw some ingredients at Joshua with instructions to “Make Dinner” and zipped out the door for the park.

little park guy

Christian is more reserved in his love for the park.

It’s a burden but someone had to be available to make the children get in the great outdoors.

Project 366 – Day 94

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6 thoughts on “Park Pics”

  1. Hey ~ What are you still doing up? ;) I just got home from late-night grocery shopping and just threw another load of clothes in the dryer. :D

    Great pictures, Kathy! We had some sun too… hoping Jacqui will be up to enjoying it by the weekend. Hope you have a great Friday!

  2. Christian looks like Marvin. Wish we could get them together. Ha.

    Good for Daniel. Will he be another Thom and Aunt Steffie? A gatherer of friends?

    Happy TGIF to you dear Edgrens. Love, Aunt Kate

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