Too Much Coffee

When Tim and I began this blog in 2004 we set up the usual categories – family, Bible study, reviews, etc – we never thought to include Coffee as a topic heading.


What were we thinking? If you do a search for coffee on the Duckabush Blog, more than 30 posts come up. Obviously they aren’t all strictly ABOUT coffee, but coffee is mentioned in some way, shape or form.

I guess if you’re going to give up sleep in favor of blogging (and I’m speaking hypothetically), you need some help from caffeine to survive.

Or so I’ve been told.

Of course, it turns out my love of coffee isn’t just a self-indulgent quirk, it inspires others. I received an email today from Holly, a Seattle blogger, who thought of me while she was buying her coffee creamer today.

She thought of me. While she was buying coffee creamer.

And she emailed me to suggest a fantastic coffee combination – peppermint mocha.

Some people long to make a difference in the world through their ministry, social work, or financial giving – I inspire culinary greatness in the world of caffeine.

Holly, thank you! Only another Washingtonian would truly appreciate my search for delicious coffee at home.

give me some

Stop by and visit Holly’s blog. She is a mom of twins (and therefore a hero in my book) and recently posted a recipe for an amazing Crunchy Milk Chocolate-Peanut Butter Layer Cake that would go beautifully with a tall mug of coffee.

I know we’ve discussed coffee before, and Tim warns me I’m beginning to sound obsessive, but I’m still curious, so tell me about your coffee loves and hates.

Are you a coffee snob?
Do you find yourself thinking Starbucks and nothing else will do?
Do they know your name (and order) at the local coffee shop?
You’ve never been in a coffee shop, coffee drive thru or other over-rated, high priced coffee emporiums and don’t plan to, thank you very much.
Does it take you longer to order your coffee than your fast food take-out?
Are you happy the holidays arrive, not because of the good will, cheer and spiritual significance but because it means pumpkin spice and gingerbread lattes are back?
Nothing fancy, you like it plain black, no sugar or cream.
Forget coffee, tea is your thing.

This one’s for Tim:

You like your caffeine cold, in the form of Diet Coke, and you think chocolate should stay out of coffee and in the Nutella jar where it belongs.

Coming tomorrow – a beautiful family picture from our day at the studio.


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10 thoughts on “Too Much Coffee”

  1. I am one of the few who don’t really like coffee (at least the american kind). When I lived in south Florida I used to drink cuban coffee and I liked that. It usually drank in shot form and contains a whole lot more caffeine than that of the American (or columbian) variety.

    Now, I do like vanilla lattes, but do they really count as coffee?

  2. You have a fun blog. I love your ideas and you have a great sense of humor. I can’t wait to see your family picture, however, you have been a tease and so I’ll believe it when I see it, she said bitterly.

    I like black coffee. No cream, no sugar, no syrups or flavorings or sprinklings of special powders. I like it made medium-strong, sometimes S-bucks is too strong for me. But far, far worse than too-strong coffee is too-weak coffee. It is a far, far better thing to make the coffee too strong.

    I have one, not-too-difficult requirement — my coffee must MUST be consumed in a vessel with a light or white inside. Nothing spoils The Richness as much as a black coffee-cup interior. It compromises it in some way, competes with the goodness.

    David likes Diet Coke in the can or bottle, no ice, not-too cold….or, he likes a…


    That required it’s own paragraph.

    I maintain that THIS DRINK IS NOT COFFEE. It is NOT a Cup O’ Jo, it is a Cup O’ No.

    My question for you is: What Would Ghenji Drink? Something fancy and frilly, maybe with a peppermint stick? Or something spartan?


  3. No coffee for me, unless it is in the form of ice cream! :-)

    I’m a die-hard tea drinker…usually 3-4 hot cups a day and maybe 1 or 2 iced.

    I also must admit to being a plain jane in the tea department…I drink black or orange pekoe.

  4. I cried when my fave coffee spot closed earlier this year! And yes, they knew my name and my drink. Although budget restraints keep me from indulging too often, I have found ways to enjoy my fave coffee creations at home. I am currently sipping a peppermint mocha creation. Although everything I drink has to be decafe since I’ve got a 6 month old nursling!

    I could blog about coffee for days! See, I don’t even need the caffeine! Coffee just gets me EXCITED!

  5. Thanks for the mention here, Kathy! Does it mean that I spend too much time blogging and not enough time raising my boys when I think of my friends inside the computer while at the grocery store? :)

    And I didn’t get my fabulous peanut butter-chocolate cake for my birthday, but I did get a rich, pure chocolate concoction. And I didn’t even have to make it myself!

  6. as a misplaced puget sounder, i miss the multitude of espresso shops. my fav being tulleys or the independents. here in idaho they finally opened a real espresso shop a couple years ago. and yes, they know my name, but no, i change my drink so often that they don’t know my drink. the one constant i have is decaf. after years of drinking the real thing, i finally had to give it up for health reasons! ugh!!! just this fall we got a real, sit down, drive thru star bucks which brings delight to my husbands heart. i humor him and go along. i can always order a carmel macchiato or peppermint mocha–mmm!

    love your blog, your humor and your pics. keep it up!

  7. I’m sort of with Tim… all except for the chocolate part. I like my caffeine cold and in the form of diet coke but I think that chocolate should be kept in the Scharffen Berger wrapper where it belongs ; ) Nutella Tim? You seriously need some new sources for your RDA of chocolate!

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