Tim and I spent hours (okay minutes) reviewing the family pictures we received yesterday from the photographer, once the Blogosphere Taunting Police (BTP) finished questioning him, and reluctantly released him on his own recognizance.

“Let that be a lesson to you, Mister,” they warned him sternly. “Some of your blog readers don’t take kindly to that kind of taunting, and one or two of them have friends in high places.” Tim was a little shaken by the hours he spent under the interrogation lights, down at BTP headquarters. But I digress.

The pictures are GORGEOUS!!! Can I say that when it’s my own family? Is there any possible way that I can be objective?

Well, I take a LOT of pictures of my beautiful family and I rarely (okay never) call them GORGEOUS. Cute, sweet, dear, fun maybe, but not GORGEOUS.

I have to put in a huge plug for our photographer, Crystal. She did an outstanding job on our family portraits. She is currently working part time for a professional photography company while establishing her home studio. Crystal is offering a pretty fair deal for an hour-plus sitting ($75 plus tax). She works with each family, taking the pictures and poses requested, and then mails out a cd with ALL the photos. From there families are free to pick the ones they like and have them printed anywhere (Costco, Kodak, CVS, etc) they choose.

Even Mr. Cynical (“I don’t like to waste my time sitting in a studio when I can take pictures myself”) was truly impressed. Have I already stated that the shots are GORGEOUS? Just wondering.

Now we’re all fighting over which one we like best.

Too hard to choose – there are so many! Wow.

Crystal’s home studio is in the Puget Sound region, and I can’t recommend her services highly enough. If you are local and in need of a photographer, contact us for recommendations.


The only problem we had at our studio appointment was getting Joshua to smile. The rest of the crew was susceptible to silly jokes and the playful attitude of the photographer. Not Joshua: he was a rock. A pleasant, smiling-because-I-have-to, grit-your-teeth-and-bear-it, kind of rock.

Joshua’s tendency to bang his head against the side of the wall when I announced we had forgotten to take one last round of pictures was a bit distracting, but we managed to ignore him. I’m afraid all my blogging and extensive picture taking have completely exhausted his patience.

mama and her darlings

Next year (can you hear Joshua’s groans from where you’re sitting, when I say the words “next year”?) I’m going to come armed with a list of key words that will extract a natural smile (maybe even a wry chuckle) out of Joshua.

Stanley Leonardo Sappovitz
“Oh wait, we left Jimmy!”
“You take care of your noof spiff, I’ll take care of mine.”

Maybe I’ll prepare a flashcard for each of the children.


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20 thoughts on “Pictures”

  1. These are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I love the colors you all wore, it looks so pretty and I love the one of you with the kids. You look gorgeous!


  2. Where is Timothy>???? We need him in the pictures!!

    These are absolutely gorgeous!! I totally agree. WOW.

    Rachel, you are beautiful- with and withuot glasses.

    I love you. AK

  3. WoW! Kathy, they ARE gorgeous!!!!!! I love love love the brown and ivory! Beautiful….truly. I am definitely calling her! :)

    However, I did notice that there seems to be a presence lacking in the pictures….hmmmm. ‘Professional photo shoots aren’t necessary…humphf….I’ll show you!’ hehehe

  4. Ummmm……where’s Tim? Wow! Sounds like she was very reasonable!!! Beautiful pictures, too! Can’t wait to see the rest! :)

  5. This photographer is awesome!
    The way she was able to digitally remove Tim and hardly even be able to see the seams…pure talent.
    Either that or Tim had to stand behind the camera and lift his shirt to show his new Dora tattoo in order to get those perfect smiles.

  6. You’re right! They are gorgeous! And I think you were wise in not letting Tim be in any of the pictures. His taunting was SO uncalled for.

  7. They ARE gorgeous! Did I miss something? Is Tim invisible?? ; )

    Love your flashcard idea – I’ll file that one away for later. We just had our Christmas pictures done and it was a disaster. Ken actually had to hop up and down in the background with Kyle to get him to smile. We ended up with ONE decent family photo after some photoshop work. *Sigh* Can you tell I’m a little jealous that you simultaneously extracted beautiful expressions out of five children and I couldn’t for the life of me manage halfway passable ones with two? A funny note that you will appreciate… during the photo shoot I was getting really frustrated and Ken jokingly said to me, “Walk away… Just walk away…” : D

  8. Curses! And that tattoo parlor promised ‘Complete Confidentiality’!

    Thanks a lot, Scott, for ‘outing’ me. :)

  9. Where’s Tim and poor Joshua! You really shouldn’t give him a hard time, I know I prefer my #1 to NOT smile real big I like her small, yeah, I’m smiling, smile…

  10. Yes, they are lovely pictures. But the whole time, I’m wondering–Kathy takes 3,452,190 photos a year. And she PAID someone to take more????? :)

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