Project 365 – Day Fourteen (Sun-K)

Project 365 Continues!! It has been an excellent week of blogging and picture taking. I am learning so much about my camera and lighting and what makes for interesting, creative pictures.

Today’s excitement was centered around a piece of furniture. No, I’m not going to post more pictures of the lovely Orange Chair. A dear friend’s grandparents recently bought some new living room furniture and wanted to sell their other pieces. They gave us an excellent deal on their cream leather couch and recliner. This afternoon we picked up the couch. We will return and get the chair next week. Hooray!!! I’m so excited to have some gorgeous leather furniture. Thank you, M and K!!


The couch is in wonderful shape. It looks lovely in the family room. J.’s grandmother graciously gave me several throw pillows as well (at least one for each child, she said). We feel very blessed to be able to buy this handsome piece. It’s a nice, long couch–you can stretch full out and have plenty of room.

kathy's couch

I love the neutral color–it will go with anything. Tim thinks we should maybe put the recliner up in our bedroom. He said it is incredibly comfortable. I think the kids will fight him on that one.

These next pictures are of some of my favorite coffee things. I use my French Press almost every day. I like my coffee STRONG with lots of milk. The French press delivers a wonderful, robust flavor.
french press

Lately I use a mix of Starbucks French Roast (regular) and Starbucks Verona (decafe). I can’t handle full strength caffeine these days so I make my coffee half and half (order it that way as well, when I’m out).


In my attempt to save money and make delicious coffee at home, I’ve been working on perfecting my barista skills. I have a nice routine figured out that results in a wonderful home made latte. I fix my coffee in my French press then heat up 3/4 cup (or so) of 2% milk in the microwave for a minute. After it’s hot, I whip up the milk with my AWESOME milk frother.

My sister in law bought me this Aerolatte to Go for Christmas. What a great present!!! I should probably keep track of how much money I save every week being able to make my own fancy coffees at home. Thanks, Jenn!!

And of course, no coffee blog would be complete without a picture of my favorite coffee travel mug. A friend in our small group Bible study saw me ogling this cup at Starbucks and surprised me with it the next week. Merry Christmas indeed!!! I use this all the time and it keeps my coffee HOT for hours.

kathy's mug

I did not set out to be a coffee snob and I don’t claim to be a coffee expert, by any means, but I guess, when you live so close to Seattle you can’t help but be influenced by the coffee culture. I also don’t mean to favor Starbucks so strongly but I do really enjoy their coffee. Yum!

That’s all for my Special Day–see you next week!

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7 thoughts on “Project 365 – Day Fourteen (Sun-K)”

  1. I must admit, I had misgivings about the couch, but I am very pleased about the color and even more delighted with the comfort of this fine piece of furniture. And of course, any couch looks nice with my sweetie on it! :)

  2. You see, there IS a reason we call her Aunt Koffee – it has more behind it than just my brother’s mispronunciation of Aunt Kathy.

  3. Love the couch pictures, and also the mug, press, frother, etc. You are so sweet.

    I’ve been enjoying coffee LESS these days, and have but putting milk in mine sometimes. I love it. But heating it would be better. And of course frothing even more so.Hymm.

    Love you kids!! AK

  4. I must have my coffee too, and I also use a French Press with French Roast! I don’t get jittery with French Roast but some lighter roasts are not as benign. I think the dark roast has less caffine.

  5. Karen–another French Press fan!!! Yay! I’ve found that my stomach can’t handle full caffeine. At first I went to straight decafe but I really like a little bit of a pick me up in the afternoon (or morning or evening, pretty much whenever). I was glad to discover I could enjoy half regular/half decafe. Dh thinks I’m over the top when I order at a coffee stand but he doesn’t do coffee at all so I’m not sure he’s a far judge. Ha!

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