Project 365–Day 15 (Beckie M)

Don’t have very much time to blog. Busy day. Years ago I saw a whole book on self-portrait photography. It was fascinating to look through all the different ways in which the author captured herself on film. She used mirrors and sunglasses and water — taking each picture herself. Truly a creative expression.

This attempt is not, I think, going to make its way into any book.

kathy in the mirror

I am currently serving on the Women’s Retreat Committee with four other women. We are in the process of planning the retreat for April. I love working with these ladies. It is such a blessing to meet, pray and see how God is moving in the lives of the women at our church. My children and husband think I have WAY too many meetings and secretly (or not so secretly, more like loudly) suspect that we are just going out for coffee and visiting once a month. I guess the blue, flowered folder I carry with me to Starbucks isn’t a very convincing cover. Ha!

Last year was my first time being involved in this way and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was tickled when they asked me to participate again. We attend a great church with very passionate leaders. It’s exciting to be a part of God’s work.

This is a picture of one of the AWESOME women on the team. I am so pleased to get to know her better this year. Beckie has an amazing, cheerful spirit. She radiates joy and a love for the Lord and His people. When I first met Beckie she welcomed me to the church with warmth and friendship. She has a gift of encouraging and accepting people with true sincerity.

beckie and kathy

I am sometimes overwhelmed with how gracious God is to bring friends in to my life.


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4 thoughts on “Project 365–Day 15 (Beckie M)”

  1. This is one of the most hilarious attempts at self-portrait I have ever seen. I had a real laugh at what showed at the top of the page tonight. Thanks for including it.

  2. It is a rare privilege to live with such a consummate photographer. Any day, now, we’re expecting the call from a publishing house for a juicy new digital photography book contract. :)

    Actually, yesterday marked the first day in the last two weeks in which Kathy took less than 50 pictures, and so it may be that the pickings were a bit slim. We’ll try to do better.

    One interesting outgrowth of this project has been the intentional efforts Kathy is putting into affirming those she loves. I think it is a great way to build up her spiritual gift in this area and I admire her greatly for doing it.

  3. I love the top photo – or I love most of all that you included it in your blog. {G} Your blog is a joy to read.

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