Tuesday Tips for Parenting – Play a Game

new logoThis tip is so basic, I feel a bit sheepish posting it, but I still think it’s worth sharing.

Take the time to play a game with your child.

That’s it.

Ignore the mess in the family room. Let the dirty dishes sit in the sink for an extra hour or two. Don’t worry about folding laundry. Screen calls and allow the answering machine to do its job.

Put on the kettle and make tea or hot cocoa. Pop some popcorn. Turn an everyday, average afternoon or evening into Game Night.

I know it’s difficult to set aside time with dance, gymnastics, and sporting events eating up the week days. And don’t even get me started about homework. What joy, however, to carve an hour out of the day to sit together and play a game. The laughter and time spent as a family will create precious memories and a legacy for your children.

For a great collection of game reviews (complete with pictures and detailed information), go to Callapidder Days. Katrina regularly share games that her family enjoys. I’m planning to plunder her site for Christmas gift ideas this year.

Games don’t have to take hours and hours. Gamewright sells dozens of card games, almost all of which can be played in less than 40 minutes, many in only 20 minutes. The website sorts the games by recommended age and is a wonderful resource of kid friendly games.

shall we play?

We played Citadels this evening, one of Joshua and Tim’s favorites.

Another excellent source for games of all kinds (with categories for card games, children games, dexterity based ones, 2-player games, party games, and on and on) is Newspiel. We have purchased many games from this company over the years and been consistently pleased with their prices and selection.

We are always looking for new and fun games to add to our collection. Leave a comment and share your family’s favorites.

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11 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips for Parenting – Play a Game”

  1. One of our favorite things about playing games is when we can do it with great friends or family – like the favorite aunt and uncle and cousins!

  2. Thanks For This Post.

    Apples to Apples and Cranium Family Fun are two of the games we like best. The other day we were at Borders and I saw two board games that I will buy:

    1) Such and Such
    2) Kids Battle With Grown Ups

    Have you played these yet?

  3. Definitely a game night is the way to go. I’m glad to see them coming back. Casual games, strategy games, party, card, whatever. Get the family together and laughing for a bit. Then you can get back to the real life wories and hectic pace.

    I recently did a little article on games and the elderly as well, can’t forget them :) Nice blog here too, glad I came upon it from Callapider Days.

    Buffalo GameBuffs blog

  4. We love game night here too but we need to be more persistent about carving out time each week for it. Lately we have not made the time like we should have. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. We like to play games that are REALLY short – as in the 10-15 minute kind (LOL). We seem to be hooked on card games right now – King/Queen, Elevator, Golf, etc.

  6. I love this! I’m so excited that our boys just turned three and one of their birthday gifts was Candy Land. One of my favorites when I was a little girl, and now my husband and I get to share that with our kids. I can’t wait for them to find out what their favorites are… thanks for the post.

  7. I love games, too. When we get a third person in the house, we snag him/her to play Double Rummy with us. It’s just not fun with only two people.

    Play play- while you have a crowd at home!! Aunt Kate

  8. We used to have family game night every week. It has been a bit tougher since the Littles have been home, but we still try.
    Come of our new favorites are Blokus and Ruckus.

    I also have been enjoying reading the game reviews on Callapidder Days.

  9. We love playing games together, too. Recent favorites with the kids are Bunco, Spoons, Blokus, and Whonoo. I’m coming to you for Christmas ideas! :)

  10. I must admit I’m not much of a game person. We do alot together but for some reason hardly ever play games! I am trying to get game ideas for the free time at co-op since they fit the bill for quiet play. My middle son is so fidgety during free time there, playing games with him is saving us from who knows what he may try to do if he was super bored when my head was turned!! Anyway will be looking at your list in the somments and the link for more ideas.

  11. Oops make that comments not somments. I always seem to notice my typing errors after clicking submit and before it actually submits!

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