Have Some Whipped Cream

This being Tim’s birthday week (he can’t have the entire month because Joshua’s birthday is also in October – they have to share), we invited Grandma and Grandpa to join us for lunch after church. In a rare fit of planning and organization, I put ingredients for a hearty stew in the crock-pot before leaving for church. Don’t worry, it won’t happen again.

stew anyone?

A lovely lunch in honor of Tim!

Because no birthday of Tim’s would be complete without some serious chocolate, we had an ice cream pie for dessert. I think ice cream pies could happily replace traditional birthday cakes in our family. Upon reflection, however, I should note Grandma makes an amazing Black Forest Cake that often graces Tim’s birthday celebrations.

Of course, who needs cake or pie when you can go straight to the toppings.

load me up!laughing with a full mouth is dangerousI'll take just a little bit

We didn’t have any candles but there was plenty of whipped cream to go around.

Happy Birthday (Week), Tim. We love you!!

Project 365 – Day 280

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8 thoughts on “Have Some Whipped Cream”


    I came to congratulate you on winning the contest at my blog (www.honeyifedthekids.blogspot.com), and was doubly pleased to see that you were celebrating your birth. Come pick your prize…oh heck, since it’s your birthday, pick two.

  2. Happy Birthday to you, dear Tim. I love you and am glad you are in the Moore, Cain, Snider family. Love, Aunt Kate

  3. Happy b-day! We also love chocolate pie around here! And, Kathy… really how could you show us all up like that.. putting a meal in to cook BEFORE church while the rest of us feast on some fast food fare?

  4. Happy Birthday Tim! We usually go out after church on Sunday’s but that homemade stew in the crockpot sounds tempting. Also, love the pictures with the whip cream. . . my kids love to do that too!

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