Project 365 Introduction

Some friends on my homeschooling loop have encouraged me to start a photo journal for 2007. Here’s the article that sparked the idea: Project 365. Basically the concept is to try to capture a representation of the day in a single photo. “Perform photographic experiments. Take a photo of someone new you meet, something you ate for the first time, or something you just learned how to do. Take a photo of something that made you smile. And don’t forget to take a photo of yourself at least one a month so you can remember how you’ve changed too.”

If possible, you would want to add a line or two about the photo to help explain the story behind the scenes. Nothing lengthy, just enough to trigger the memory.

I am a little bit intimidated about tackling a project that requires daily consistency and commitment. I am a great starter of projects, but not so great of a finisher, and so I make no guarantees that I will end up with 365 entries. Still, I think this might be a wonderful way to capture our year and to enhance our blogging.

I’m mulling over several ways to approach this photo journal. One of my SHS friends (the homeschooling e-mail loop that I’ve belonged to since 1999) is going to center her version of Project 365 on herself. She has another blog that chronicles that life of their family with pictures and stories. She sees the Project 365 as a chance to reflect on her life and it’s direction.

I have journals for each of the five children. I write in them very sporadically. Occasionally I have them nearby and capture a funny or tender moment, but more often journalling is a New Year’s resolution I never quite achieve. I have thought about designating a day of the week to each member of the family. With seven people in our family, it works out very tidily. Monday could be Joshua’s pictorial day, Tuesday Rachel’s and so on. Tim and I would take the weekends. This approach might add a burden to the project (limiting what pictures I can take and of whom) but how delightful to have a special day for each child and end up with a year of Mondays With Joshua, etc.

I found an article that poses 20 Questions to be answered with a photo. This would be a fun starting point or at least a source of some ideas to get the picture taking juices flowing.

It’s January 1st and a time of new beginnings.


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3 thoughts on “Project 365 Introduction”

  1. I am very excited about this, and (in a weird, twisted sense) it makes me want to start a competing photo blog. I hope you can have some fun with this, Kathy. :)

  2. LOVE IT. I love my photos and my new camera. I just took my first picture of 07 of my wonderful hubby who loves me no matter what!!!!

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