A Workout Partner

Last night my faithful walking buddy, Julee, called to see if I wanted to go to the Y to work out. Julee lives nearby so on sunny days (hard to find in a WA winter) we try to sneak in a good 2 or 3 mile walk. In the spring and summer, especially as it is lighter later in the day, we can often find time to walk. Julee and her family have a membership to the Y so it’s only natural (if exercise is in the air) that we get together for an occasional workout. The Y isn’t too far from home so it’s fairly easy to hop in the car and run over to the Y for a quick (or not so quick, depending on energy levels) workout on the elliptical machine.

elliptical machine

This is my favorite elliptical at the Y. It’s by Precor and runs around $3899 so you can see why I go to the Y to use it. Ha!

Just recently something has changed in all of this Y exercising. Rachel has started joining me. She went with me last week and read her book on the bike before heading off to play Wallyball with the rest of the family. Last night, Julee, Rachel and I all went to the Y. Rachel read her book on the recumbent bike in the front row of the room while Julee and I exercised on the elliptical machine just behind her. For 45 minutes!!! Way to go, Rachel!!

elliptical machine

I like the way you have the option of using your arms as well (total body workout and all of that) plus this machine has the reading rack at just the right spot – just perfect for flipping through a magazine in between strides.

I didn’t bring my camera with me so I don’t have any pictures. Not that sweaty, workout pictures would be that visually appealing :)

This afternoon I had dinner all planned out (Thai chicken in the crock-pot, rice on the stove, and stir-fry veggies in the frying pan), my homeschool co-op classes all coordinated, and the children busy working on school and chores. I asked Rachel if she was ready to hit the Y again for another work out and she said yes. How amazing! I have an exercise partner right here in the house. I’m so excited. It has been so special watching Rachel grow up and one of the delights is carving out mother/daughter time. I love doing things with Rachel. She’s an excellent companion when we go shopping. She is almost always ready to go and run errands or visit the library (an almost daily activity lately). I just never thought she would also be an exercise buddy. How fun!

Tonight we did 30 minutes on our favorite machines. I got off to get some water and lost my momentum when my workout routine timed out. Drinking fountain was too far away, I guess. I tried to do some time on the bike next to Rachel but it was too hard to get a good pace (either way too easy or too hard). I didn’t feel like I had gotten in an intense enough work out (after all, tomorrow is weigh in day and, short of fasting, I want to know I tried my best on the day before) so I asked Rachel if we could cool down on the treadmill. She agreed (reluctantly, after all we’d already gotten in a decent workout).

We went downstairs, found side by side treadmills and started walking. We both went at a SLOW pace (tired at this point) until I suggested we jog/run a little bit. We decided to jog for 30 seconds. After a minute passed, Rachel said we should jog again. We ended up jogging for 30 seconds, walking for 30 seconds, for a good 8 or 10 minutes. It was awesome. I was jogging alongside my little girl. What a surreal experience for this VERY non-athletic person. We got in a decent 15 minutes on the treadmill and then took our sweaty bodies on home.

Thanks, Rachel, for being my exercise pal!!!

rachel and kathy

A non-exercising, couch potato, homeschool reading, mother and daughter moment.


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7 thoughts on “A Workout Partner”

  1. There is something sweet about the mother/daughter outings, I must admit! I love having my Hannah with me!!!

  2. Wait a minute! Doesn’t it count as exercise when your finger pushes the mouse button? And with my other hand, I continually scoop coffee into the coffee maker?

    How fun to be sharing this with Rachel too!

  3. Good job you two! It is a great thing when daughters want to get out and get fit with their moms!


  4. I enjoy woking out with Grace too! The only thing is that it’s such a breeze for her and so painful for me that it can sometimes be less than uplifting. But it’s good to get each other motivated to at least try.

  5. Yea Rachel! And yea for mama modeling the benefits of exercise and SHARING them. Love you kids, AK

  6. Sierra loves to workout . . yes 7 year old Sierra. I worked out with The Firm for almost 2 years. She was amazing . .she ended up doing it too . . . and that was at 6 years old. She also loves to walk and ride bikes too!

  7. Kristine – using the mouse and making coffee definitely, absolutely count as workouts. I see a blog coming!!

    Posie – what does Hannah like to do when the two of you go out together? I love those mother/daughter moments. I have lots of fond memories of the time my mother and I would go shopping and out to eat. Hard to resist those positive memories. ha!

    Dorothy – you obviously need to do some secret training so you show Grace a thing or two. :)

    Emily – I tried doing a Firm tape with my daughter but she couldn’t get the moves at all. Did Sierra have trouble keeping up? Maybe she has a little more natural dance/athleticism (is that a word) in her bones than Rache3l does. Ha!

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