P365 – Day 82 (Vacuuming Hazards)

One of our favorite children’s books by Cyndy Szekeres is Nothing to Do Puppy.

book cover

We’ve had it for years and read it many, many times. It’s a cute book with adorable illustrations and a sweet story but the best thing is the opening line:

“Mama is away. Daddy is dusting.”

I’m trying to really picture this (not just in the puppy world). So the mother is out shopping or visiting friends or working and back at home, during his free time, the father is …. DUSTING?

inside page

I mean absolutely no disrespect to my awesome husband, but there is no way in all that is sweet and precious that Tim would pick up a duster and dust during a relaxing afternoon, even if he had the fancy red cloth sported by the puppy’s father.

He did however, recently experience a small housecleaning accident resulting in an apparel laceration.

orange shirt

Yes, this shirt, one of Tim’s favorites, has a rip in it. This gaping hole was allegedly caused by a tragic vacuuming incident. Without diving too deep into family history, let’s just say that Tim has “issues” with the vacuum cleaner. Just the sound of it, from another part of the house, can send him to the closest 7-11 in search of Slurpees.

Sadly there were no witnesses to confirm Tim’s story so we’re all just left to wonder what really happened. Perhaps the line in the book should read:

“Mama was away and Daddy was vacuuming.”


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4 thoughts on “P365 – Day 82 (Vacuuming Hazards)”

  1. Ahhh, Kathy you beat me to posting a blog tonight. But hey, I thought Joshua said you couldn’t find the Nothing-to-Do Puppy book. Looks like it wasn’t lost after all.

    Enjoyed the evening tonight. Thanks for the invite.

  2. Funny, we had that same book (and two others in the series). Or did we get them from the same people? Or did we give ours to you? Deep mysteries of life…

  3. Carl – I couldn’t rest without tracking down the book. Thankfully I found it right upstairs on David’s bookshelf. It took me a long time to take a decent set of pictures and I still wasn’t pleased with it. I needed better light so I could turn my flash off (and not have that pesky bright light in the middle of the book). Then, of course, I had to spend all this time researching camera tips. Ah, the work of a blogger is never done. I’m glad you posted about the concert. I’m going to link to your post and write about it tonight if I have time.

  4. Rebecca, I don’t know where we got the book (my memory only works so well). It’s very possible we got them from the same grandparental source. We love that author. Cute books.

    How was your weekend?

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