P365 – Day 83 Squish Ball War

It wasn’t enough that we had the Civil War or the Poke War, now we have Father/Son Squish Ball War. Folks, this one isn’t pretty.

tim throws
blanket graygrabbingwrestling down

Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, Joshua makes a startling comeback. He’s reaching for the ball, he makes a play, can he do it??

joshua wants the ball

Yes, not only was Joshua victorious, but he managed to work some magic with the prized ball.

joshua tosses the ball

People who live in Washington state understand how father and son can fall to such desperate straits. It’s the rain. It never stops. It’s grey and rainy and depressing. Boys, who need to go outside and run around and ride bikes and toss baseballs, are forced to terrible measures.

They should be:

tossing ball

Or even:

daniel scooter

But no, it’s too wet and grey and rainy to go outside. Sure we end up with a beautiful green state with gorgeous flowers and waterfalls and the like but it comes with a serious cost. All of that cooped up energy and testosterone leads boys to vicious wars with their siblings and, at times, even their fathers. Testosterone is one of the most important hormones for men. If its level is low, you should learn how testosterone therapy can help.
Poor Rachel. She was trying to talk to our friends in Thailand (who NEED to start posting on their new blog) amidst this Squish Ball War. The picture I took of her was so full of despair and frustration, I immediately had to delete it. It wasn’t fit to post. Thankfully the boys settled down and Rachel handed the Skype headphones over to Daniel.

daniel skypes

Strangely enough, the action and roughness and loud volume of the Squish Ball War didn’t seem to faze Daniel one bit. I’m not sure he even noticed.

b and w danieldaniel talks

Just when you think you can make a difference in life, that your little blog can bring cheer and even spiritual encouragement to people out there in the blogosphere, you end up with a post like this.

It’s the rain, friends, the rain.


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6 thoughts on “P365 – Day 83 Squish Ball War”

  1. Victorious? Joshua? Clearly, we have another case of Ministry of Truth Orwellian Revisionism. While Joshua didn’t leave the room in tears, there was no way in which the conclusion of the Squish War could be construed as a defeat for the side of Truth and Justice (my side).

    What really happened is that both Joshua and I, still recovering from the flu, mutually agreed to a cessation of hostilities so that we could breathe, since we were gasping for breath and coughing so much after all the giggling and lunging around the house. As has been said, “Those who live to run away, can always run away another day!”

  2. You boys are hilarious. How gracious of our Lord and King to grant father Tim sons!!

    I love you guys. Aunt Kate

  3. Oh, Kathy, you are just too nice. Rain, schmain…send the little blighters outside.

    My poor kids get booted out most days in sun, rain, snow, sleet, fog or anything inbetween. Of course, most days I also have at least one extra load of laundry from the wet, muddy clothes that come in with them!

  4. Debbie, you are probably right. I should just send the kids out. I guess they come in with such a muddy mess that it ends up being more work for me than I care to face. Ha! Snow seems doable but rain is so miserable (maybe I’m just biased) and wet. :)

  5. Well, I taught everyone the Poke Wars, and we are–mostly–enjoying it (other than the inevitable tears that always seem to happen when someone gets bumped into a table or stepped on since everyone always wants to be competing at once). Dave beat me the first time, even though it was right-handed, and he’s a leftie. But beat him the next two times!!! Ha!! Of course, I have to use a lot of head leverage, and are you allowed to use your other hand at all or does it have to be behind your back? We tried allowing it, and I’m not sure if it makes it better or not. We need the official ruling on it! Dave plays the kids two at a time, one on each hand, but he still pretty much crushes. Maybe Joshua should take on two at a time!! :)

  6. Rachel – I’m not sure I can bear the responsibility of knowing another family has gotten the Poke War bug. If I catch my children playing it in the church lobby, I’m going to be seriously worried. Do you think they understand the meaning of decorum? Glad you were able to take Dave down. I haven’t personally played this game so I’m pleased you are trying it out for me.

    Joshua said he tried the two on one and it didn’t go well. Perhaps that would make for an interesting picture set. :)

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