P365 – Day 79 (A Boy and His Mitt)

The sun came out today. Hooray! I’m afraid I’m more affected by the weather than I like to believe. Yesterday was so grey and rainy, it was rather depressing. Although it was colder outside than it looked, the sunshine was delightful. I’m still fighting a fatigue of some sort (mini flu symptoms??) which left me rather tired all day (don’t ask me why I’m up this late blogging) and a serious need for comfort food. I think I ended up snitching bites of the kids’ peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Since I’m not supposed to eat bread or sugar these days, this was a sign that I was NOT doing well. Uh oh. I finally made a big bowl of steel cut oats with milk to curb the serious carb cravings.

Curb Carb Cravings. Kathy’s Curbing the Carb Cravings – Sorry, it’s late and I need to finish this and go to bed.

While dinner was in the oven, Tim was watching a movie to cheer him up (Maverick – sure to make you laugh), and I was on the phone Skyping with Tina; the boys went outside to play ball.


David is so excited to start baseball at the Y next session. He has been talking and thinking about it for a couple of weeks. Joshua drudged up this mitt for him. Talk about a well-appreciated gift!


Daniel is the only leftie in the family. He is in good company with his Uncle Thom.


Joshua is an awesome big brother. He went outside and played ball with the younger boys. They had a softball and tennis ball going so there was plenty of throwing and catching.


Brothers are the best!!

I decided to combat my fatigue and overwhelming hunger attacks (no doubt psychological as I already had that huge bowl of oatmeal) by going to the Y for a workout. Rachel came with me and did 4 miles on the bike while I was on the elliptical machine behind her. So lovely to have company. We didn’t linger — worked out and then went home. I topped the evening off with an apple and the rest of the broccoli from dinner. Rachel ate the last bit of the stuffed shells (the boys did NOT leave her much, greedy rascals) and then decided to follow my example and have a big bowl of steel cut oats. Yum. Oats might go down as my new comfort food.

Play Ball!


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3 thoughts on “P365 – Day 79 (A Boy and His Mitt)”

  1. Yep, when I’m feeling cold, tired and discouraged, that is what I turn to … a nice warm bowl of steel cut oats. Yummmm. And maybe a half-bale of hay, after that.

    I tried to get Rachel to eat before she left, but she didn’t seem to have much of an appetite. As it was, she was lucky to get what she did — there were many eyes watching that last bit of stuffed shell casserole rather hungrily.

    David said to me last night, “Daddy, you need to practice throwing the baseball with me. You don’t do it very often.” I thought that his gentle rebuke was rather charitable, since I don’t remember ever throwing a baseball with him. He is a nice boy.

  2. Thom is rather proud of the fact he has a left handed nephew to join him… as if us right handers can help it. As a matter of fact, most times when Daniel’s name comes up, Thom is sure to point out the fact he is also left handed.

  3. Jenn, how funny that Thom remembers Daniel is a leftie. Did he grow up with teachers fussing at him for being left handed? I think it’s fascinating how some people end up being left handed versus right handed. What determines that? Is there a right/left brain connection??? Interesting. I’m sure there are studies done out there but I don’t have time to look into it tonight. Ha!

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