Sarah waited very patiently, and her patience is finally rewarded!

A Kitten for Sarah

Last week Kathy and I attended the JBC Prayer Conference for the fourth time. We’ve written about the conference before:

I am sure there are many deep and spiritually-pertinent things I could say about that conference, but at this point, nobody cares.

Why, you ask?

Because we got a new kitten on Sunday.

New kitten Marco makes his debut on the blog.

For Christmas, Sarah received a gift certificate for her ‘big’ gift: one kitten to be her very own. This is a big deal to Sarah, since she is bossed and rebuked by many of her siblings whenever she tries to pick up our other cat, Misty.

As it turns out, Christmas is a difficult time to get a kitten. It seems that parents around the United States take leave of their senses around this season, and they all rush out and buy up all the available kittens. When the procrastinators show up, there aren’t any kittens left. So we had to go with a certificate.

Fortunately, Sarah is a very patient little girl, and she carefully bided her time, tactfully reminding us, without being obnoxious. Finally, our excuses ran out. Kathy contacted the Itty-Bitty-Kitty-Committee, and we were awarded a visitation appointment.

Sarah waited very patiently, and her patience is finally rewarded!

So now little Marco is part of our family. We hope to teach him to say ‘Polo’ when we call, or at least to Meow. Sarah is beside herself with glee, and our efforts to induce Misty to accept him move forward. As I type, she is crouched by the mud-room door (where we have set up protective custody for Marco), trying to see him under the door.

Truth be told, Kathy hinted that she wouldn’t cut my hair tonight unless I posted something on the blog, and so I took the easy path. I could’ve spent an hour or two crafting a thoughtful, useful blog post, or I could be done in 20 minutes with a few photos of the kitten.

Save time, score!
Get a more favorable response, score!
Get a free haircut, score!


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  1. Tim, you’re almost feline in your clever machinations to “score”. David, I too trust Marco will be a perfect furry buddy for Sarah! We’ve found that petting & cuddling a furry person (no, Tim, not you with whiskers) aka, a furry animal, is quite therapeutic as a study break when school gets frustrating or difficult.

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