Goals for 2011

Every two years or so, Kathy and I attend the Great Commission Conference (aka the Prayer Conference) at Jefferson Baptist Church, in Oregon. We’ve written about it before:

I would have to say, this conference has probably been the single most impact-full training I have received in my life as a Christian. It was this seminar that really awakened in me a desire to be a Champion — that is, a Christian who is truly devoted to growing and excelling as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Goals by headlock
Sometimes you have to use special ‘persuasion’ to get people to set goals.

Two years ago, we brought Joshua with us, as a sort of ‘rite of passage’ for him as a rather mature 15-year-old. This year, we brought Rachel as well, since she had recently turned 15. I asked each of the kids to invite friends, and Kathy and I invited some others; in all, there were 14 in our party, and more than 20 from our church.

One major focus of the conference is the desirability of using goals as a way to promote growth. As Dee Duke says, a goal (or a commitment, if you prefer that word) is not a goal unless it is:

  • Written down
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable (at least somewhat difficult, but not impossible)
  • Accountable

Today was Family Day, so it seemed a good day to have a Family Meeting. I told the kids:

“At 3:30, we’ll meet and discuss our Goals for 2011. Bring a copy of your goals with you to the meeting.”

Swim-Piano Boy
One of David’s goals was to get onto the ‘B’ level of swim team.

There was much scurrying around, because some of the kids hadn’t written their goals at all. Kathy posted a few possible categories on the whiteboard:

  • Spiritual
  • Educational
  • Physical
  • Fun
  • Ministry

We all passed our goals around, and read some of them out loud. This is the week that we will take our goals out for a test drive, seek advice, and adjust as necessary. I’ll post my goals at the bottom of this post, hoping for recommendations and comments.

Six feet or bust!
We all agreed that Daniel’s goal to be six feet tall this year, while specific and measurable, is out of his control, and therefore not a good, achievable goal.

I’m sort of a slow learner, when it comes to goals. This year is the first time that I have agreed with the need to write my goals down AND review them daily, to insure that I keep them in the forefront of my mind.

My Goals for 2011

Spiritual Growth & Maintenance
Pray for my ‘flock’ 5x/week
Read at least 2 chapters from my Bible daily
Pray at least 10 minutes (for that ministry) when preparing for AWANA or Sunday School
Write an encouraging note, card or e-mail to someone in my ‘flock’ every week
Visit someone in the hospital (1 visit/month)
Pray about anger, full-time calling to Missions, and wisdom daily

Pray with Kathy 2x/week
Go out on a date with Kathy at least 1x/month
Have a ‘home date’ with Kathy 1x/week

Resume special days in some form (at least one child per week)
Read some kind of devotional to my kids 4x/week


Write one blog post each week
Exercise 5x/week, 15 minutes minimum

Review my goals daily
Report (email) on my goals to the elders & my ‘prayer boys’ weekly
Report (email) on my daily tasks to my boss each work day (5x/week)

Learn or Do Something New
Take some kind of a class with Kathy this year

Fun with the Family
Find at least 1 geocache each week
Play at least 1 board game/week with my family
Go camping as a family twice before September 30

Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals (BHAGs)
Increase our tithes & offerings by $50/week
Pray 30 times about my calling into full-time Missions work
Complete the Wycliffe application
Meet with the Wycliffe IT recruiter

I’m not trying to boast, or make anyone uncomfortable — indeed, for some of you, these goals may seem pretty pathetic. I just want to accomplish something with 2011, and I think that these goals will help to keep me on that track.


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6 thoughts on “Goals for 2011”

  1. WOW–Praying the BHAG’s will keep coming to the forefront of your mind, ALL THE TIME. It’s quite the walk to the end of the diving board but the water isn’t too choppy once you dive in. LOVE YOU and are very excited about your possible new adventures on the horizon.

  2. wow. Taken all together, one might say the whole list is BH & A. I’ve long scorned the writing down step, but I can see its value in keeping myself accountable, especially with the reviewing it every day practice! Maybe that’s why I’ve scorned it, to be honest. But it’s the fool who despises wisdom and counsel.

  3. Great Tim!!! Excited for you…this conference really has changed my life. I have made more progress in the last 2 weeks than I have made in a REALLY long time. Thank you for bringing us with you…the Pancho clan is forever grateful and continur to talk and work on our goals daily as a result! Praying for you (:

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