Project 365 – Day 17 (JBC)

Tim and I have spent the last three days in Oregon at a prayer conference. Tim’s parents picked up the children Sunday afternoon and then Tim and I left for Salem, OR, on Monday morning. We had an excellent time. We spent almost the entire ride home discussing everything we had learned. More blogs coming!!! Consider this a preview. Ha!

There were over 20 people from our church attending the Great Commandment Church Seminar by Pastor Dee Duke at Jefferson Baptist Church.

conference bkfst
Several of the folks who attended the conference with us.

I feel utterly exhausted right now. We arrived home just as the children were unloading the car. Tim fixed a yummy pancake dinner for everyone and had the children unpack and put things away. Tim and I both learned so much at the conference – there were 10 sessions, most of them 90 minutes long. The church thoroughly welcomed and cared for us – they fed us delicious meals, hosted people who needed lodging, prayed for us, and showed us an example of what a real praying church looks like.

The conference was very well done – I would highly recommend it and hope to attend again, bringing some more people with us.

More later.

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  1. Hugs and kisses! As always, Thank you Kathy! We’re moving in a few days and kids are sick, 2 with fevers and all with coughs and what not — since you’ve been praying, please pray for me not to catch it!

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