Chuck E. Cheese

I took all sorts of pictures at the Chuck E. Cheese birthday party we attended this morning. The birthday girl was a 3 year old from our church Small Group.


Originally I was going to send Rachel to help with Sarah (and the other little girls) but then David begged to go. Since I knew Daniel would be sad if I let Rachel go with David and Sarah, I decided we’d just all go and I would stay as well. Thankfully our wonderful hostess rose to the occasion and managed to find coupons for more pizzas (do you want hungry 13 and 9 year old boys at YOUR pizza party???) and tokens so the whole family could join in on the fun.

ready for fun
Here we are, ready for some fun!

We had the place completely to ourselves for most of the party. Excellent planning on Leah’s part. Of course, it did cut into our school day but the children worked before and after the party and got most of their studies completed. I even finagled in a little nap before swim lessons (thankfully no one captured that on film – ha).

Joshua managed to sneak in a game or two for himself when not taking care of David.

j fliesJoshua flyingouch
Crash landing ahead! Ouch!

Rachel stuck close by Sarah and was a wonderful helper to me and the other mothers. Thank you, Rachel!!

rachel trolleyclose up

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters.

rachel helps s
rj and SSarah flies

Sarah had a fabulous time – the rides were just her speed (super slow and not too long).

sarah's carriagesarah's clock

I had trouble getting a picture of Rachel and Joshua to work – Joshua is just too tall. How did he grow up so fast?? Of course, Rachel is petite so it makes Joshua look even taller. Still, they aren’t my little ones anymore. Sniff, sniff.

j and rjsmiling

I haven’t managed to get any pictures of our weekly wally ball games. Hmmm. I’ll make that a priority for next week. Tim meets us at the Y on his way home from work and we play some wally ball while David and Sarah are at swim lessons. It’s lots of fun and everyone is improving. We are definitely quite something (not sure what) on the court. Lol!

I was very impressed with the children at the end of our time at Chuck E. Cheese. They had a good sized collection of tickets from their game playing – Joshua had won the grand prize on one game, 250 tickets – and yet when I suggested the give their tickets to Hannah, not a single child complained. They didn’t have quite enough to buy a big toy but they could have spent every bit of their tickets on little toys and candy. Instead, they cheerfully ran over to Hannah’s mother and gave her their receipts. My heart was warmed by their generous spirits. It was a fun party.

daniel and david


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